A New House Class 6 English Wind Chimes Meanings and Solutions

A New House: Class 8 Wind Chimes Word Meanings, Question and Answers and other solutions to the chapter exercises are given to help the students.

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A New House Class 6 wind Chimes

Word Meanings: A New House

literature- a piece of valuable writing like stories, poems, novels

media– the means of mass communication like radio, TV, newspaper etc.

architecture- the design and style of buildings

vital- important and necessary

elegant- stylish, splendid and looking beautiful

haunted- believed to be visited by ghosts 

explore- to search or travel through to examine, investigate or discover ( खोजबीन करना )

pester- to annoy ot tease frequently (तंग या परेशान  करना )

make a mess- to make things look dirty and or untidy ( अस्तव्यस्त या चीजों को इधर – उधर कर कर देना )

stock market- the business of buying and selling companies or portions of them.

eventually- at the end of the period of activity, (अंततः ) 

protective colouration- changing colour to mix with surroundings to protect from predators

Solutions: A New House

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