A New House Class 6 Solutions, Summary and Word Meanings

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Coraline is a fantasy novel for children written by Neil Gaiman. Coraline is a young girl who loves to explore things. The main character ‘Coraline’ has been shown as brave and intelligent enough to save her parents and few others from the spell and bondage of her duplicate mother.

A New House Class VI

A New House Word Meanings

literature- a piece of valuable writing like stories, poems, novels

media– the means of mass communication like radio, TV, newspaper etc.

architecture- the design and style of buildings

vital- important and necessary

elegant- stylish, splendid and looking beautiful

haunted- believed to be visited by ghosts 

explore- to search or travel through to examine, investigate or discover ( खोजबीन करना )

pester- to annoy ot tease frequently (तंग या परेशान  करना )

make a mess- to make things look dirty and or untidy ( अस्तव्यस्त या चीजों को इधर – उधर कर कर देना )

stock market- the business of buying and selling companies or portions of them.

eventually- at the end of the period of activity, (अंततः ) 

protective colouration- changing colour to mix with surroundings to protect from predators

Summary: of the Chapter A New House Class 6

Coraline is the main character of the Novel ‘Coraline’. The concerned chapter is a part of the novel. Coraline and her parents move into large, odd house with expansive grounds. The parents work from home and give their daughter fairly little attention. Coraline is fidgety and in constant search of activities that will keep her involved and interested. On a particularly rainy day, Coraline is especially restless, because her mother will not let her explore outdoors. Conversations, toys, videos—nothing holds her attention for long. Finally, her father sets her off on an indoor adventure: counting everything blue in the house. While busy with it, Coraline discovers a bricked-up door that piques her interest momentarily. Later at night, Coraline tosses about in her bed, unable to sleep. She goes to inspect some strange noises that seem to be emanating from the hall. There, she thinks she sees some bizarre black, shadowy forms move about. She notices that the door which opened on to the wall is open, despite the fact that her mother had locked it in the morning. She returns to her bed, with more questions than answers. She dreams of little black shapes with red eyes and yellow teeth, under the Moon, singing a creepy song. Coraline is disturbed in her sleep; then she dreams of commercials. The chapter ends at this note.

A New house Book Exercise Solutions

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