Hide and seek Poem Solutions, Summary and Word Meanings

Hide and Seek is beautiful poem written by Vernon Scannell that uses a popular game to highlight the importance of grabbing opportunities in time to achieve your goals to come out as a winner after facing difficulties and sufferings.

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scuffle of words- an indistinct exchange of words

damp- slightly wet

elsewhere- at in, at, or to another place

hunt- search and seek to find out and catch

stir- move slightly

seek- looking for or trying to get

Summary of Poem: Hide and Seek

The poem starts with a boy hiding in the tool-shed, which is dark with a salty smell around him. The poet tells the boy that he should position himself so that his feet are not visible, as he hides behind the sacks of sand. The poet cautions him against making another call and he should be careful not to sneeze. Finally, the seekers come and the boy does hear them mutter and stumble but the boy holds his breath, shuts his eyes and hopes that they would not find him. Soon, the voices fade as the children move away. Finally, after a long time, the boy decides to come out. However, he finds the garden empty and all quiet. All the children had gone home without him. The poet narrator now asks him where his friends are. Thus, the poem ends on a note of mystery about the boy and his false notions and satisfaction of being a winner.

The poem gives us a deep message for life also. We should grab opportunities in time as too long may lose those chances of achieving something or our desired goals. The boy took too long to come out to celebrate his victory. He came out when all had gone and such win does not have any meanings when opponents are gone and no one is there to see you win.

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