The Eagle and The Beetle by Vikram Seth – Summary word-meanings and Solutions

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  1. Shrasti Sharma

    Nice to see I am happy

  2. R

    Sorry I think 1 ans is wrong written that one is A3a. Except that I am happy

    1. Sirji

      Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I have corrected the wrong one.

  3. H

    Can u send the answer of perform extension only part A?

  4. Rahul

    Answer these questions with reference to the context.
    Answer is wrong it is of night mail.
    So, please give us write one…

    1. Sirji

      The post has been updated with the needed corrections.

  5. Aryan

    The reference to context are of night.ail😡😡

    1. Sirji

      Thank you for pointing out the mistakes 😊. The reference to context has been modified for needed corrections.

  6. hardik

    please add more comic strips fast before 7 June, thank you

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