The MCC Class 6 Wind Chimes

Word-Meanings: MCC Class 6 Wind Chimes

Complications – problems and difficulties
catalogue – a complete list of things
seasoned – dried and polished wood
craned – stretched as if like a crane
indiscreet – not wise or cautious or careful in doing or saying something
admonition – caution or rebuke (डांटते हुए चेतावनी देना)
haughtily – in an unfriendly and proud way

Summary: MCC Clas 6 English Wind Chimes

Rajam and Swami sat in the former’s house, brainstorming a name for their cricket team. This proved an unexpectedly challenging task. Malgudi Cricket Club or MCC sounded like a good fit, but then, there was the question of whether it amounted to infringing on the name of the original MCC. They proceeded to go through a laundry list of other possible names, all of which they were unhappy about to some extent or the other. They decided to take a call only after Mani would join them next evening. Next, they proceed to worry about prospective tax woes. Having one official and one unofficial name is considered as a loophole, but swiftly rejected when they realise that if caught, they might end up paying twice the taxes.
Mani joined the two next evening and yet another essential issue is broached: the acquisition of sporting gear. Rajam and Mani unequivocally want Junior Willard bats, and Swami’s initial cold indifference towards it is met by the rest with dismay, horror and biting sarcasm. Then came the matter of drafting a letter to Messrs Binns to requisition the items. Mani and Swami were utter disasters at the job, so Rajam had to take it up perforce. He wrote an officious-sounding letter with earnest promises of payment on receipt. The letter revealed that the tentative name for the much-vaunted team was to be MCC and/or Victory Union Eleven.

Book Exercises: MCC Class 6 Wind Chimes


1. Rajam turned the MCC to stand for Malgudi Cricket Club. The original MCC stands for Marylebone Cricket Club.

2. Rajam was happy with the name ‘Jumping Stars’.

3. Rajam thought they could use one name for ordinary games and the other for matches.

4. Swami did not know much about bats. He could not tell the difference between a good renowned bat and an ordinary bat.

5. The Rolls Royce is referred to in the context of differentiating between a big renowned bat company and other ordinary bats.

6. Rajam describes Junior Willard bats as having springs in them, that makes balls fly off its surface. He also maintains that the handle of the bat is wound with silk thread.

7. Swami is uncomfortable while writing the letter because he is terrible at spellings and easily gets confused.

8. Rajam finally wrote the letter because Mani had refused to write and Swami was too bad at spelling too. So Rajam had to write the letter.

1. Junior Willard is a cricket bat of very fine quality. It is compared to the Rolls Royace to emphasise that Willard at the top manufacturing company.

2. Mani gets angry with Swami as he says he does not know what the big deal with Junior Willard bat is.

3. Swami says that Rolls Royace car cost lakhs, have silver engines, never give trouble or stop and never makes any noise.

4. It means that though Rajam knew that Mani could not write the letter but he gave him a chance not to make him feel incapable of writing such a letter.

5. They all were just small children and seeing their age they had written a good letter. The letter ends with the word ‘obediently’ that shows they tried to borrow the style of the letter from the applications they would have written to their principal for taking leaves.

6. Swami was a liberal boy with a lot of ideas. he was easily subdued by others. He also was mischievous. He was terrible at spellings. He did not know much about cricket. He was also good at negotiating any trouble among their friendship.

7. Rajam was a dominating character and an intelligent boy from a rich family. He takes initiatives and knows much about cricket.

8. The story is not set in the present times. One can tell that from the fact that Hobb’s is being talked of in the present tense. Jack Hobbs played in the twentieth century.

9. Yes, it is clear that they were spending time on minor issues because they were small children and children do so normally. For example, they talked about names of the team, taxation, Mani became angry on Swami and so on.

10. The three students have very different personalities. Rajam is clearly the leader of the all three friends. He is knowledgeable and assertive. He takes initiative in things. Mani is aggressive by nature and a bit of a bully, especially towards Swami. Swami has ideas, but he is docile and often gets overruled by the other two.

11. I would like ……….. to have as a friend. It is because Swami is not dominating and can easily be dealt with. He as many ideas also. Rajam would be in my friend’s list because he is intelligent and takes initiatives.

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