The Meeting Pool: Summary Question Answers Class 7 English Wind Chimes

“The Meeting Pool’ lesson’s summary, word meanings, question answers and workbook solutions are given here to help students studying the book Wind Chimes for class 7.


no matter – doesn’t matter, it is not important, regardless of, – इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता

pledge – a sincere promise 

deadly earnest- in a serious and determined manner 

breez – a light wind 

bramble – a wild thorny bush 

ravine – a deep narrow valley with steep sides 

trickle – to flow slowly

impulsive – doing things without much consideration  

charm – pleasant quality or attraction

gentle – showing polite, soft and caring behaviour

grumble – complain about things that are not really serious

thresh – make violent or uncontrollable movements

vigour – energy, force, enthusiasm

acquire – to get or gain by efforts and ability

bait – food put on hook to catch fish

procure – to get by making some able efforts

laundry – cloths which are to be washed or are already washed

fetch- to go and bring things 

startle- a sudden shock of surprise 

nap – a short sleep, doze 

tumble – fell with rolling movement 

wallow – to role about or lie in water, mud, dust etc. 

mess – a dirty and untidy state – खराब, गंदा, गड़बड़ बेतरतीब, इधर-उधर बिखर हुआ

yell – shout, cry out, scream 

impassive – showing or feeling no emotion or reaction 

undetected – unnoticed, hidden,  

occasionally – now and then, not regularly 

break up – get separated from or end relationship with

in spite of – despite, notwithstanding, taking no notice of – ऐसा (के) होते हुए भी

fierce – aggressive and frightening

conventional – old and traditionally accepted and followed things and ways and occupations

sober – serious and sensible

reserved – not much talakative or expressive in open

rebel – opposing and not obeying rules and authority

course – a direction or route 

succumb – to surrender, to give way to what you are unable to resist 

inexorable – that cannot be changed 

deceit – to deceive, cheat, mislead and be unfaithful 

thicket – a group of bushes or small trees 

disembodied – separated from the body 

romping – playing in a lively way especially by running about, jumping etc. 


The story ‘The Meeting pool’ is an exciting story of three friends who take a pledge to return to their favourite pool after ten years. The best part of their childhood orbits around a pool, which was discovered by Rusty (the narrator of the story) and therefore came to be known as Rusty’s pool. As soon as Rusty discovered the pool near the ravine, he was excited to convey the news to his other friends. The pool became their meeting point and they indulged in activities like fishing, swimming, wrestling and buffalo rides. The pool not only signified the bond of friendship between them but also became a part of their childhood memories. They decide to return on fifth of April 1964 at midday, i.e. ten years later at the pool again. However, it was only Rusty who keeps up his word and comes to the pool on the scheduled day. He was utterly disillusioned that his friends did not keep up their promise. However, there is no resentment or bitterness as he realises that with the passage of time, their needs and priorities have changed. As he is about to leave the place, he hears the splashing of water. To his amazement, he discovers another pool and another group of friends splashing about in it. He imagines himself and his friends in their place. The story conveys that life goes on, come what may and our dreams undergo change due to the deceitful journey of time.

Exercise Solutions


The Meeting Pool class 8 English Wind Chimes

Ans. 1. Anil and Somi 2. catch fish 3. bathe 4. pool 5. a swim 6. did not 

The Meeting Pool class 8 English Wind Chimes


  1. a. The pledge was that no matter where they were, or what they were doing, they would meet at the pool.
    b. Rusty, Somi and Anil took the pledge.
    c. They were near the pool when they took this pledge.
  2. a. ‘I’ is Rusty in these lines.
    b. The speaker should have turned back homewards as it was going to rain. Despite the speaker seeing the rain move across the foothills, he decided to go ahead in search of the pool.
    c. He pushed his way through the leaves and brambles, as he had heard the murmur of water at the bottom of the hill. He wanted to see the water and touch it. He was very excited about it.
  3. a. Rusty waited in the ravine.
    b. He was hopeful and was waiting for his friends, Somi and Anil in the ravine. When they were young, they had taken a pledge about meeting at the pool.
    c. He said this because, despite waiting for a long time, they did not come.

The Meeting Pool class 8 English Wind Chimes


  1. One day Rusty saw the rain moving across the foothills and he could even smell it in the breeze. But instead of running homewards, he pushed his way through the leaves and brambles that grew across the forest path. He could hear the murmur of water at the bottom of the hills. He got excited and went further. Sliding down a rock-face into a small ravine, he found a stream running over a bed of shingles.
  2. The three boys were young and innocent when they took a pledge to meet at the pool after ten years. However, they did not realise that time is an important factor and people change and move forward. When they do so, they have a different set of priorities to follow. They did not realise that they would not be able to keep up their promise of meeting at the pool ten years later.
  3. The pool helped the boys to bond with each other. There were various activities that they did together. They swam, caught fish, wrestled and had buffalo-ride together. All these activities made their bond stronger.
  4. Rusty had a lot of fun with his friends at the pool. Besides, swimming, he and his friends caught fish at the pool. They also wrestled on a strip of stand and rode a couple of buffaloes that came to drink and wallow in the muddy water. They would sit on the buffaloes, kick and yell and urge them forward. They would even go to the pool at night and bathe by moonlight. Somi would even sing in a deep pleasant voice and float magnolia blossoms down the moonlit stream.
  5. Rusty describes Somi as someone who was gentle in his ways. He had sense of fun like Anil. He was a beautiful swimmer. He dived off the rocks and went gliding about under the water like a long golden fish.
  6. When Rusty went back to the pool, he could not find the pool. He did find the ravine and the bed of shingles, but there was no water. The stream had changed its course.
  7. Rusty was disappointed as he waited for his friends at the ravine for two or three hours but no one came. He thought that his friend Somi must have been with his unit and Anil occupied with the business of living. Rusty thought that they both might have families and it was he who had not grown up. He was still expecting the same friendship and fun from them.
  8. Rusty says that just as other thing in life, even the day-dreams must succumb to the inexorable or deceitful journey of time. Time changes everything and nothing remains as it was before.
  9. Rusty thought that his friends were preoccupied with their livelihood and career and had no time to keep the pledge they had undertaken when they were young. It was only he who was without a family and had bothered to go and wait for them at the pool.
  10. Answers may vary. Encourage learners to come up with their own answers. Accept all logical responses.



  1. The Red Fort is in Delhi.
  2. The Statue of Liberty is in New York.
  3. My brother James visited America last year.
  4. Mrs Kar and her son Navin often go abroad.
  5. Last year they visited Japan and saw Mt Fujiama.
  6. They saw the river Nile in Egypt.
  7. Mr Kar is a doctor and he works in Sunshine Hospital.
  8. Mrs Kar is also a doctor with her own practice in Leela Nagar.
  9. Prof Anand is a very good teacher.
  10. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday.
  11. Major Lal has won many awards.
  12. The chief minister’s name is K L Rao.


  1. I went to Chennai last week.
  2. What a beautiful city it is!
  3. Have you ever been to Chennai?
  4. Please accompany me to Canada when I go there next month.
  5. Oh! What fun we could have!
  6. Will you come with me?
  7. My sister and I will join you.
  8. What a great idea!
  9. Let us get our tickets booked.
  10. Should we ask our parents to do that for us?



1. myself 2. themselves 3. itself 4. yourselves 5. herself 6. yourselves 


1. E 2. R 3. E 4. E 5. E 6. R 7. E 8. R 9. E 10. E


1. that 2. who 3. whose 4. which 5. which 6. which/that 


1. each other 2. each other 3. one another 4. one another 5. each other 6. each other 




1. b. thickly populated by plants

2. b. inspecting the forests for useful plants

3. a. plants and animals

4. b. made to grow in places besides the rainforest 


1. In two months’, time, we’ll have to begin school again.

2. It’s vital that the little puppy learns to findnd its way home.

3. Rimsha did not hear her children’s cries.

4. The mosquito’s sound was far worse than its sting.

5. Little girls’ clothing is in the second building, and the men’s department is in the first.

6. Didn’t you hear that they’re leaving on Friday?

7. Who’s the party’s nominee for counsellor this year? 


A. 1. E 2. E 3. R 4. R 5. E 6. E 7. E 8. R 

B. 1. that 2. each other 3. who 4. whom 5. each other 6. each other 7. one another 8. which 

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