The Mountain that Ate People Class 6 Solutions, Summary and Word Meanings

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Hide and Seek is beautiful poem written by Vernon Scannell that uses a popular game to highlight the importance of grabbing opportunities in time to achieve your goals to come out as a winner after facing difficulties and sufferings.

Hide and Seek Video


scuffle of words- an indistinct exchange of words

damp- slightly wet

elsewhere- at in, at, or to another place

hunt- search and seek to find out and catch

stir- move slightly

seek- looking for or trying to get

Summary: The Mountain that Ate People

A Japanese feudal lord decided that every person older than sixty-one was useless and needed to be disposed of. He issued a decree under the threat of severe punishment that everyone had to leave their family members over that age in the dangerous forests of a high mountain near the city. One farmer, who loved his mother dearly, was absolutely distraught when his mother turned sixty-one. The mother persuaded him to take her away anyway, but halfway through the journey, the farmer turned back and hid her in a small room under the ground. Two years thence, the feudal lord was overrun by a neighbouring overlord. The former pleaded for mercy
for his people. The overlord set him a riddle to solve as the condition for his clemency. However, it was too tricky for the feudal lord and he proclaimed that anyone in the land who could solve it would be rewarded. The farmer’s mother solved it easily, winning the reward for her son and saving the lives of the people. The overlord then repeated the same exercise twice with the same result. The final time around, the feudal lord grew suspicious of the farmer and asked him how he found the answers to the riddles. This time, the farmer decided to confess to the truth. On learning about the woman’s sagacity, the lord withdrew the cruel decree

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