The Surprise Party Class 7 English Wind Chimes Solutions Summary Meanings

Summary: The Surprise Party

‘The Surprise Party’ is the first chapter of the novel ‘The Hobbit’ with original title ‘An Unexpected Party’. The story starts with Bilbo hurrying towards the door after hearing the doorbell. He was expecting Gandalf but to his surprise a blue-bearded dwarf named Dwalin appears before him. Bilbo is flustered, but invites Dwalin inside for tea. A little later, he hears another knock on the door, and finds another dwarf, Balin—Dwalin’s brother. Again, he invites Balin to come in. In this manner, he lets a total of thirteen dwarves into his house: Dwalin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Dori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin who is a haughty dwarf. Gandalf arrives along with the last four dwarves. All thirteen dwarves ask for food and Bilbo is greatly annoyed yet he serves them with patience. Though the dwarves appear ill-mannered, yet they treat Bilbo’s house and belongings with great care. The dwarves’ boisterous singing and play along with the actual respect they pay to Bilbo’s home establishes them as not only fun-loving and disorderly but also as having a deep sense of honour and respect. The scene also portrays how to be both a good host and a good guest. The host trusts and is generous with his guests; the guests enjoy themselves but are also careful with the host and his home. The thirteen dwarves and the wizard nearly clean out Bilbo’s pantry before finally settling down to discuss their business.

The dwarves play music and sing of the dwarves of the past, who lived in a great hall beneath a mountain, where they mined gold and jewels. A dragon attacked the dwarves and drove them from their home, and now they must quest to reclaim their home and their treasure. As Bilbo hears this song, he’s momentarily filled with a desire to go on adventures, but this desire disappears soon after the music ends. 

The Surprise Party Class 7 English

The Surprise Party Class 7

Word Meanings- The Surprise Party

throng – a crowed or a large group of people ( )
wits – the ability to think or make sensible decisions, wisdom
goblin – a small imaginary creature that tricks people or causes trouble
buttered scone – a round cake often eaten with butter and jam
staff – a long stick used for support
stumped off – walked noisily with anger
lo and behold – a wonder of surprise
dungeon – a large underground room used as prison
cavern – a large cave
ere – before (old English)
yore – long ago (old English)
fell – a high hill
delves – goes, visits
elf – a small imaginary creature having magic powers
dale – a valley (old English)
ire – anger
frail – weak, can be easily broken
parlour – a room in a house used for sitting in or entertaining guests
shudder – cold or horror
plunder – loot
dim – fade
grim – serious
laid low – demolished
goblet – a cup for wine
hollow halls – empty halls

Solutions – The Surprise Party


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