Class 10 NCERT English Textbooks Downloads

CBSE Class 10 NCERT English Textbooks comprise two books – ‘First Flight’ which is the literature textbook and the supplementary reader ‘Footprints without feet’. There is also a workbook. The changes to the syllabus for Class 10 English Lang. & Lit.  were made since the session 2019-20 and still continues. Here are given links to download all the books prescribed by CBSE for class 10 students. You can download the whole books or their chapters separately. All the links are latest as provided by the NCERT.

Download Class 10 NCERT Text Books or their Chapters

Literature Reader: First Flight

Note: Don’t look for links to download poetry content separately.There are 11 chapters and the Poetry portion is included within the chapters shown with numbers. You download the chapters and poem will come with the chapter downloaded. Chapter 6 and 11 do not contain any poem.

1. A letter to GodDust of Snow
Fire and Ice
2. Nelson Mandela: Long walk to FreedomA tiger in the Zoo
3. Two Stories about Flying
I. His First Flight
II. Black Aeroplane
How to Tell wild Animals
The Ball Poem
4. From the Diary of Anne FrankAmanda
5. The Hundred Dresses-I
6. The Hundred Dresses-IIAnimals
7. Glimpses of India
I. A Baker from Goa
II. Coorg
III. Tea from Assam

The Trees
8. Mijbil the OtterFog
9. Madam Rides the BusThe Tale of Custard the Dragon
10. The Sermon at BenaresFor Anne Gregory
11. The Proposal

Supplementary Reader: Footprints without Feet

1. A Triumph of Surgery
2. The Thief’s Story
3. The Midnight Visitor
4. A Question of Trust
5. Footprints without Feet
6. The Making of a Scientist
7. The Necklace
8. The Hack Driver
9. Bholi
10. The Book That Saved the Earth
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