Class 10 Geography NCERT solutions, notes and videos

CBSE has changed the Geography Syllabus since the academic session 1019-20. Stay here for the updated subject matter in geography class 10.

Class 10 Geography Notes in PDF

  1. Resources and Development
  2. Agriculture
  3. Minerals and Energy Resources
  4. Manufacturing Industries
  5. Life Lines of National Economy

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  1. MAHE


    1. Ajeet Sir

      The link has been updated. You can download notes for personal use by clicking on download link.

  2. Rohit

    What is the password for opening the pdf notes of minerals and energy resources

  3. Uday

    What is password for PDF file Minerals…..

  4. Mahi

    Unable to download chapter notes of geo chapter minerals and energy resources

    1. Sirji

      Link to download is working. Please try again. But if you still have problems then please contact us via our different connect points and we will try to send you the link.

  5. Ishwar sharan shukla

    sir pls create chapter 1 notes of geography ,its not showing on the link.

  6. Ishwar sharan shukla

    sir pls create notes of history chapter 1 ,its not showing.pls provide the notes of chapter 1 history

    1. sakura

      yes it is very important lesson

  7. Anushka

    Thanks for your notes! It makes learning easy and more systematic. But two of the chapters do not open from geography class10.
    1.Mineral and Energy resources
    2.Life lines of national economy
    these 2 chapters do not open.

    1. Sirji

      Thanks for informing us. We have updated the content and now you can download files.

    1. Sirji

      It may take some time so I would request to note down them from the videos.

  8. sivakumar

    upload chapter 1 history notes please

  9. Priyanshu

    Sir pls upload nationalism in Europe

    1. Sirji

      These two chapters are not the part of the class 10 board exams.

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