Direct-Indirect Speech: Assertive Sentences Practice Exercises

Direct – Indirect Speech practice questions include Assertive Sentences here. These questions will give practice on transforming a direct speech sentence into its indirect narration. Click here for more English Grammar study materials.

More exercises are added from time to time, so keep coming here 😊

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Q. Change the following assertive sentences into indirect speech.

1. Raja said, “I saw a lion in the forest yesterday.”

2. Manish said to me, “I am very happy here”.

3. He said, “I can do this work.”

4. Reena said to me, “I was washing the clothes.”

5. My friend said to me, “I shall go to Delhi tomorrow.”

6. He said to Poonam, “I have passed the test.”

7. She said, “I am not well.”

8. Rajesh said to me, “My book is better than yours.”

9. He says, “Honesty is the best policy.”

10. He will say to me, “Sometimes I think bad about you.


1. Raja said that he had seen a lion in the forest the previous day.

2. Manish told me that he was very happy there.

3. He said that he could do that work.

4. Reena told me that she had been washing the clothes.

5. My friend told me that he would go to Delhi the next day.

6. He told Ponam that he had passed the test.

7. She said that she was not well.

8. Rajesh told me that his book was better than mine.

9. He says that honesty is the best policy.

10. He will tell me that sometimes he thinks bad about me.

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