Grammar for Students of CBSE/ICSE & State Boards School Classes

Importance of English as a Language

English must be learnt in today’s world: In non-English countries, people seem to be virtually divided as to who knows English and who doesn’t. English speakers have a respectable edge in society and media. It is so because English is tagged as the international language of the people as well as the information media. For education, it is essential to learn English. In all famous universities, the major courses are taught in English so that more students can learn it. Most books around the world are written in English no matter where you are living. It’s the main language in sciences with so many books written in English.

English rules the internet also as most sites are in English. Even if it’s not in English there is an option for its translation. It’s a basic language of press media and newspapers. Many famous movies are in English. So, you need to learn English to have a greater and wider reach among people and to gain knowledge in the modern world of English.

English grammar is necessary for those who learn English as a second language. Grammar teaches us proper sentence structure and syntax. Different parts of speech and especially Tenses and prepositions must be learnt properly through grammar. English needs proper usage of words and phrases and a good vocabulary combined with grammar helps us there.

Students learn Grammar in their schools with the proper syllabi. They will find here different grammar topics and practice exercises to get a comprehensive hold of the grammar syllabus. More and more exercises are added with time and students are advised to keep visiting here for newer exercises and topics.

Students can also learn more about grammar and check their grammatical errors by using online grammar-checking tools like Grammar Check. These tools can be helpful for students since they provide correct solutions as well as explanations for errors

Grammar Topics

New Practice Questions are added from time to time so, keep coming here.

CBSE Class 10 2023 English Paper Grammar Portion Solutions

1. Reading

2. Writing Skill

3. Tenses

4. Modals and their usage

5. Voice

6. Subject-Verb Concord

6. Reported Speech (Narration)

7. Determiners

8. Preposition

9. Sentence Transformation

10. Miscellaneous Grammar Exercises

New Items are added from time to time so, keep coming here.