Rearranging Words and Phrases to form Meaningful Sentences English Grammar

Practice exercises based on rearranging of sentences to form meaningful sentences. All the exercises are solved but try yourself and then see the answers. School students are kept in focus while giving such exercises.

Sentence Reordering or Rearrangement

Sentence rearrangement is an exercise in rearrangement of jumbled words slash phrases to make sentences that are complete and make sense. Sentences are made up of different grammar units and these units are broken up and deliberately jumbled up in order to create a ‘rearrangement or reordering of sentences’ exercise. These jumbled words and phrases need to be rearranged in a proper order to form a grammatically correct meaningful sentence.

  • At first, look for the subject and the predicate which contains the verb.
  • Look for the helping verbs, objects, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech. Arrange them in a way that it makes sense.
  • Read the sentence carefully after rearrangement. It should make sense and grammatically correct.
  • Don’t forget to count the words as it should be same as given in the jumbled-up sentence.
  • Don’t use any other words other than the ones given in the sentence.
  • Students can use trial and error method in complex and large disordered sentences.

Exercise -1

Q. Look at the words and phrases given below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences: [2020]

  1. (a) Ramesh/the park/a boy/met/one day/in
    (b) was/old/young boy/seven years/the/only
    (c) asked/the nearest/he/bookstore/about/him
    (d) wanted/buy/he/to/books/a few
  1. (a) is/an/known/Jaipur/Pink City.
    (b) in the/are/building/city/in pink colour/ painted/most of the
    (c) have made / a popular / it / its / historical buildings / destination/ tourist.
    (d) go there / one / bus / from Delhi / can easily / by
  1. (a) wear / these / people / a majority / of / days / a watch
    (b) time / it / in / measures / seconds / and / hours / minutes
    (c) shapes / different / a wristwatch / sizes / and / is available /it
    (d) like / digital / while / prefer / wristwatches / mechanical ones / others / some people
  1. (a) easy/very/it/to open/it/was
    (b) to sleep/night/decided/every/they/a hotel/in
    (c) quickly/very/the clothes/they/and food/packed.
    (d) the/problem/bags/heavy/in carrying/ had/they


  1. (a) One day Ramesh met a boy in the park.
    (b) The young boy was only seven years old.
    (c) He asked him about the nearest bookstore.
    (d) He wanted to buy a few books.
  1. (a) Jaipur is known as Pink City.
    (b) Most of the buildings in the city are painted in pink colour.
    (c) Its historical buildings have made it a popular tourist destination.
    (d) One can easily go there by bus from Delhi.
  1. (a) A majority of people wear a watch these days.
    (b) It measures time in hours, minutes and seconds.
    (c) A wristwatch is available in different shapes and sizes.
    (d) Some people like digital wristwatches while others prefer mechanical ones.
  1. (a) It was very easy to open it.
    (b) They decided to sleep in a hotel every night.
    (c) They packed the clothes and food very quickly.
    (d) They had problems in carrying the heavy bags

Exercise -2

Q. Rearrange any four of the following groups of words/phrases to make meaningful sentences: [2019]

  1. (a) the temple architecture / form an / sculptures and paintings / of / essential part
    (b) the architecture / is / an artistic / in some temples / masterpiece
    (c) is / situated in / the Konark temple / corner of Puri / north-eastern / the
    (d) people / lakhs of / every year / visit / the / Konark temple
    (e) the Sun God / dedicated / to / this / temple / beautiful / is
  1. (a) of mankind / reading is / one of / pleasures / the greatest
    (b) we / enjoy / the / much more / borrowed ones / our own books / reading / than
    (c) book / care / must be / with / a borrowed / treated
    (d) book / afraid of / you should / writing notes on / not be / your own
    (e) should begin / one / a private library / one’s youth / building / in
  1. (a) have become / part of / developing city / airports / an essential / a
    (b) services / tourism in / air taxi / will / boost / the state
    (c) more runways / for / we / landing / need / facilities
    (d) promote / will surely / our tourism / this / sector
    (e) this / increasing / will help / between cities / connectivity / in
  1. (a) are / a storehouse / Indian / Indian art / of / temples
    (b) these / the architecture / artistic masterpiece / of / temples / is an
    (c) is situated / north-eastern / Konark temple / side / on the / of Puri
    (d) chariot / from of / temple is / the / the / a / in
    (e) its sculptures / famous / is / for / temple / the
  1. (a) ignore / instinct / my first / the snake / was to
    (b) I didn’t want / killed one / I had / it / as / never / to kill.
    (c) only dangerous/ duty / to / was / kill / my/ ones
    (d) back / and returned / farm / I went / to the / stick / with a
    (e) hesitated / it / I / but still / attack / to
  1. (a) democracy / is very / important / of press/ in a / freedom
    (b) abused / times / is / many / but / it
    (c) biased / sometimes / present / is / opinion/ media / a
    (d) to have / necessary / press / therefore / a responsible / it is
    (e) can be / society / a / only than / fearless / imagined
  1. (a)that life began/ centuries ago/ scientists think/ twenty million/ on earth/ about
    (b)endless process/ the plants and animals/ of evolution/ are the products/ of an
    (c)are/ their/ animals / products of/ all the/ environment
    (d)lose/ habitat/ human/ due to/ their/ the animals/ encroachment
    (e)the/ habitat/ regrowth/ rate of/ is/ very slow / of


  1. (a) Sculpture and painting form an essential part of the temple architecture.
    (b) In some temples the architecture is an artistic masterpiece.
    (c) The Konark temple is situated in the north-eastern corner of Puri.
    (d) Every year lakhs of people visit the Konark temple.
    (e) The beautiful temple is dedicated to the Sun God.
  1. (a) Reading is one of the greatest pleasures of mankind.
    (b) We enjoy reading our own books much more than the borrowed ones.
    (c) A borrowed book must be treated with care.
    (d) You should not be afraid of writing notes on your own book.
    (e) One should begin building a private library in one’s youth.
  1. (a) Airports have become an essential part of a developing city
    (b) Air taxi services will boost the tourism in the state.
    (c) We need more runways for landing facilities.
    (d) This will surely promote our tourism sector.
    (e) This will help in increasing connectivity between cities.
  1. (a) Indian temples are a storehouse of Indian art.
    (b) The architecture of these temples is an artistic masterpiece.
    (c) Konark Temple is situated on the north-eastern side of Puri.
    (d) The temple is in the form of a chariot.
    (e) The temple is famous for its sculptures.
  1. (a) My first instinct was to ignore the snake.
    (b) I didn’t want to kill it as I had never killed one.
    (c) My duty was to kill only dangerous one.
    (d) I went back to the farm and returned with a stick.
    (e) But still I hesitated to attack it.
  1. (a) Freedom of press is very important in a democracy.
    (b) But it is abused many times.
    (c) Media sometimes presents a biased opinion.
    (d) Therefore, it is necessary to have a responsible press.
    (e) Only then a fearless society can be imagined.
  1. (a)Scientists think that life began on earth about twenty million centuries ago.
    (b)The plants and animals are the products of an endless process of evolution
    (c)All the animals are products of their environment.
    (d)The animals lose their habitat due to human encroachment
    (e)The rate of regrowth of habitat is very slow.

Exercise -3

Q. Rearrange any four of the following groups of words/phrases to make meaningful sentences: [2018, 17]

  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: [2018]
    (a) work and play/ things / different/ parents see/ as two
    (b) is a/ of time / they/ waste/ think/ that playing
    (c) important/ games / studies / area as / as
    (d) a student/ to both / proper / should / attention / pay
    (e) can / life / only / succeed / he / in then
  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: [2017]
    (a) accept / his pupil/ Swami / Sethu as / did not/
    (b) only 14 / very / years old / he was / young /
    (c) heart / not / but / did / lose / Sethu/
  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: [2017]
    (a) standing in / the temple / one day / front of / Sethu was /
    (b) coming to / had / the temple / the devotees /started /
    (c) that day / he saw / people had / that more / come/
  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: [2017]
    (a) two hands / the sound / hear / of / you can /
    (b) the / now / one hand / show me / sound of /
    (c) did / succeed / tried / not / but / Sethu /
  1. Rearrange the following words / phrases given below to form meaningful sentences:
    (a) beautiful / Masha / dog / is a / young.
    (b) praised / she / be / to / likes.
    (c) policeman / group / works / of / with a / she
  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: [2017]
    (a) brains of dogs / US / a university / studied the / in the /.
    (b) dogs used / like the humans / showed that / their brains / the study /.
    (c) understand words / part of / is used to / their brains / the left /.
  1. Rearrange the following words and phrases into meaningful sentences: [2017]
    (a) Ramaswami / temple / priest / was the / in a /.
    (b) young boy / years old / Sethu / only ten / was a/.
    (c) disciple / become / he / to / Ramaswami’s / wanted /.


  1. (a) Parents see work and play as two different things.
    (b) They think that playing is a waste of time.
    (c) Studies are as important as games.
    (d) student should pay proper attention to both.
    (e) Only then he can succeed in life.
  1. (a) Swami did not accept Sethu as his pupil.
    (b) He was very young only 14 year old.
    (c) But Sethu did not lose heart.
  1. (a) One day Sethu was standing in front of the temple.
    (b) The devotees had started coming to the temple.
    (c) He saw that more people had come that day.
  1. (a) You can hear the sound of two hands.
    (b) Now show me the sound of one hand.
    (c) Sethu tried but did not succeed.
  1. (a) Masha is a young beautiful dog.
    (b) She likes to be praised.
    (c) She works with a group of policemen.
  1. (a) A university in the US studies the brains of dogs.
    (b) The study showed that dogs used their brains like the humans.
    (c) The left part of their brain is used to understand words.
  1. (a) Ramaswami was the priest in a temple.
    (b) Sethu was a young boy only ten years old.
    (c) He wanted to become Ramaswami’s disciple.

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