Class 10 Economics All Chapters Solution Notes MCQs and videos for session 2023-24

Class 10 Economics All Chapters: The subject material for class 10 economics all chapters have been prepared according to the latest syllabus and NCERT books released by NCERT for the Session 2023-24. Below are given links to all the chapters of Class 10 Economics. You can click to see solutions, notes and watch videos for explanation of the chapters.

Class 10 Economics Notes: 2023-24 Session

1. DevelopmentSolutionsDownload NotesShort Notes
2. Sectors of Indian EconomySolutionsDownload NotesShort NotesMCQs
3. Money and CreditSolutionsDownlaod NotesShort NotesMCQs
4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy
(Only the topics: 1. What is globalisation? 2. What factors have enabled globalisation?
SolutionsDownload NotesShort NotesMCQs
5. Consumer Rights (For Project Work Only) This chapter would not come in CBSE Board Exams.Download Notes
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