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Class 10 History Study Materials: All the study materials for class 10 history are based on the CBSE syllabus for the session 2022-23. The study materials include study notes, revision notes, solutions and important questions asked in previous Board exams. If you face any problem in accessing the free resources then contact us.

NCERT History Class 10: India and the contemporary world II

Class 10 History Solutions, Notes, Videos and Extra Important Questions

1. The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeSolutionsPaid Study Notes Revision Notes Extra Important QuestionsVideo
2. Nationalism in IndiaSolutionsStudy NotesThe Notes will soon be made paid
Map Work
Revision Notes
Extra Important QuestionsVideo
3. The Age of IndustrialisationSolutionsStudy NotesRevision NotesVideo
4. The Making of a Global World SolutionsStudy NotesRevision Notes
5. Print Culture and the Modern WorldSolutionsStudy NotesRevision NotesVideo
Class 10 History Study Materials

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