Rearrange and Form Meaningful Sentences: English Grammar

Practice exercises based on rearranging of sentences to form meaningful sentences. All the exercises are solved but try yourself and then see the answers. School students are kept in focus while giving such exercises.

Rearrange to Form Meaningful Sentences

Q1. Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. 

a) off/last year/ threw herself/ this bridge/ a young lady 
b) in/department/which/is he 
c) play tennis/rain/we will/barring/tomorrow 
d) before/rather die/I would/doing that 
e) beyond/can you/in the distance/see someone/that house 
f) the baby/four of us/ there were/including 
g) the cold water/we went/in spite of /swimming 
h) any/unlike/this problem is/faced before/ we have 
i) getting out/upon/of the car/his leg/he broke 
j) his head/put a pillow/the nurse/underneath 


a) A young lady threw herself off this bridge last year. 
b) Which department is he in? 
c) Barring rain, we will play tennis tomorrow. 
d) I would rather die before doing that. 
e) Can you see someone in the distance beyond that house? 
f) There were four of us including the baby. 
g) We went swimming in spite of the cold water. 
h) This problem is unlike any we have faced before. 
i) He broke his leg upon getting out of the car. 
j) The nurse put a pillow underneath his head. 

Q2. Rearrange the following words /phrases to form meaningful sentences.

a) by / fossil fuels/ end burning/ of/ Denmark/ 2050/ aims to 
b) we had/ for a walk/ tea and/ afterwards 
c) domestic violence/ the new law/ is a punishable crime/ under 
d) because of/ in front of me/ I couldn’t / the women/ see the film 
e) for a week/ we will wait/ your illness/ in view of 
f) down/ many wars/ had/ the years/ they have 
g) I want to/ the weekend/ during/ go for the training 
h) when we drove/ I saw you/ past/ yesterday/ your school 


a) Denmark aims to end burning of fossil fuels by 2050. 
b) We had tea and afterwards went for a walk. 
c) Under the new law, domestic violence is a punishable crime. 
d) I couldn’t see the film because of the women in front of me. 
e) In view of your illness, we will wait for a week. 
f) They have had many wars down the years. 
g) I want to go for the training during the weekend. 
h) I saw you yesterday when we drove past your school 

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