Reported Speech: Commands and Requests Practice Exercises

Learn converting commands and request type Imperative sentences into Indirect Speech or narration. The solved exercises given below are here to do practice on these exercises. Attempt yourself first and then see the answers.

New exercises are added from time to time, so, keep coming here.

Narration: Commands and Requests

Q. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech.

  1. He said to his servant, “Leave the room at once”.
  2. He said to him, “Please wait here till I return.”
  3. Sara’s mother said to her, “Cook the food properly”.
  4. The teacher said to a student, “Don’t waste your time”.
  5. The police man shouted to the man, “Stop or I will shoot you”.
  6. My elder brother said to me, “Please post this letter for me”.
  7. I said to my brother, “Let us go to some hill station for a change”.
  8. The police officer said to a culprit, “Don’t try to be clever”.
  9. The judge said to the accused, “Hold your tongue”.
  10. He shouted, “Let me go.”
  11. She said, “Be quiet and listen to his words.”
  12. I said to my teacher, ” Pardon me sir”


  1. He ordered the servant to leave the room at once.
  2. He requested him to wait there till he returned.
  3. Sara’s mother ordered her to cook the food properly.
  4. The teacher ordered a student not to waste the time.
  5. The police man ordered the man to stop and threatened that otherwise he would shoot him.
  6. My elder brother requested me to post this letter for him.
  7. I suggested to my brother that we should go to some hill station for a change.
  8. The police officer ordered a culprit not to try to be clever.
  9. The judge ordered the accused to hold his tongue.
  10. He shouted to let him go.
  11. He urged them to be quiet and listen to his work.
  12. I respectfully begged my teacher to pardon me.

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