Dust of Snow Extra Important Questions from Previous Exams Class 10

Poem ‘Dust of Snow’ Class 10: Important Extra questions selected from previous years’ Board exams are given here with their standard answers to get full marks in the exams. Fore such more study materials click here.

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Dust of Snow Previous Years Questions

Q. 1. Rationalise what you think the poet was probably doing when the dust of snow fell on him? [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. The poet he was in a depressed mood with a thought that the day had been quite gloomy and wastage for him. When the dust of snow fell on the poet, he might probably be standing under or passing through the hemlock tree.

Q. 2. What does the presence of a hemlock tree tell you about the setting of the poem? [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. The Hemlock tree is often related to some bad omens. Here, the presence of the hemlock tree tells us that the poet has used it to symbolize his depressed and negative mood.

Q. 3. The dusting of snow on account of the crow helped to make the poet’s day better. How do you think the crow’s droppings might have impacted the poet? [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. The dust of snow removed all the laziness of the poet. It saved the whole day of the poet. The crow’s droppings might have ruined the poet’s mood from bad to worst.

Q. 4. ‘Dust of Snow’ is one of Frost’s most loved poems. Elaborate why you think this is so. [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. ‘Dust of snow’ is a beautiful poem written by Robert Frost. It depicts a simple moment, but it is of great significance. The poet is depressed and has lost all hope. He is sitting under a hemlock tree. A small incident changes his sad mood. The poem teaches us that one should never be desperate and hopeless.

Q. 5. The poem evokes a sense of black and white. Justify. [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. In the poem ‘Dust of Snow’, the poet wants to convey that sometimes certain moments or actions which are simple have larger significance. They can change the mood or life of a person. The way a crow shakes down the dust of snow on the poet inspires and gives him the idea to shake off his depressive thoughts and become cheerful.

Q. 6. The crow and hemlock are usually used as negative references in literature. How is this different in this poem? [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. The crow and hemlock tree are used as a negative means to demonstrate the mood of the poet. Often the crow is symbol of ill omen and the hemlock tree is a poisonous one. But the poet used them beautifully to portray the fact that inauspicious things too can bring joy and happiness.

Q. 7. Imagine that Frost is of present day and has been invited to write for an e-zine – “Teen Talk”. He chooses to draw upon his experience with the crow and the dusting of snow to share his thoughts on ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. As Frost, express your thoughts for the e-zine. [CBSE QB, 2020-21]

Ans. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. We should never leave confidence in difficult times because it will lead us to better days. A dark cloud is a kind of difficulty, misfortune and worst times in life. The silver lining is a hope for progress and an opportunity to go ahead in life.

Similarly, in the poem, the poet is in a depressed and hopeless mood. He feels that the whole day has been wasted. But fortunately, it is not so. The falling of the dust of snow on him bring a sudden change in his mood. He realizes that all is not lost. There is still hope for redemption. The change of landscape has changed his mood. Cheerfulness had replaced the feeling of regret. Hence, falling of dust of snow proved to be a silver lining on the cloud of gloom.

Q.8. As a crow you feel highly insulted by the incorrect perception humans have about your species. Imagine yourself to be a crow and write your opinion about this prejudice. Make an appeal for breaking stereotypes. [CBSE Question Bank 2021]

Ans. As per human perceptions the word ‘crow’ is often related to ‘bad omens’ and ‘inauspiciousness’. This stereotype thinking towards our species is illogical and heart-breaking. I feel hopeless that without even having any valid evidence to it, people refer to us as being ‘ominous’. Perhaps because we are ‘black’, people consider us inauspicious and doves are considered ‘good omen’ maybe because they are ‘white’. This ruthless prejudice makes me emotionally hurt. I want to break this stereotype for all my fellow crows too in the same way my friend did by changing a person’s mood and making him happy. I hope that one day, judgmental humans will realize that what they think of us is completely wrong.

Q. 9. A simple moment proves to be very significant and saves the rest of the day of the poet from being wasted. Explain on the basis of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’. [CBSE 2018]

Ans. (CBSE Marking Scheme, 2018)

(i) Nothing is good or bad only our thinking makes it so
(ii) Best things in life are free
(iii) Life is full of problems we should solve them rather than sitting and regretting
(iv) Sometimes unimportant things change the meaning of life
(v) Like a lesson taught by the crow and the hemlock on how to take adverse season in stride and work for
the better life.

Detailed Answer:
The poet, Robert Frost tries to convey that even simple and ordinary incidents have great significance in our life. Nothing is good or bad. It is only our thinking that makes it so. Best things in life are free of cost. Life is full of problems and obstacles. We should try to solve them rather than sitting and regretting. Sometimes even the unimportant things change the meaning of life. A simple action of a crow, who shook off the dust of snow on the poet, taught him a great lesson. The poet realised that he had wasted his day in repenting rather than doing some useful activity. He understood how to take adverse season in stride and work for a better life.

Q. 10. In the poem, ‘Dust of Snow’, how does the poet’s mood get changed? [CBSE Comptt., 2018]

Ans. [CBSE Marking Scheme, 2018] – While sitting under a tree, dust of snow falls from a poisonous hemlock tree. A seemingly upsetting incident proved a blessing in disguise for the poet.

Detailed Answer:
In the poem ‘Dust of Snow’ when the crow shakes off the dust of snow from the hemlock tree, it falls on the poet. The poet was then standing or sitting under the tree with melancholy mood. The magical effect of this fall of powdery sow and its feel changed his mood from one of dejection to one of joy and acceptance of the positive thinking. All this made him realise the importance of the rest of day and which now appeared saved from any spoilt.

Q. 11. What is the underlying message for us in our hectic life with reference to the poem, ‘Dust of Snow’ ? [CBSE 2016-17]

Ans. The underlying message for us with reference to the poem ‘Dust of Snow’ is that we should always be optimistic towards life. In the grave hours of depression, the smallest act of nature can lead to a drastic positive change.

Q.12. How has the poet observed ‘nature’ in the poem ‘Dust of Snow’? [CBSE 2011]

Ans. The poet has observed nature as a positive medium of change for him. The poet had been in pensive mood in the poem. But when the way a crow shakes snow dust off, it changes his mood. Nature gave him the inspiration to behave in a positive manner.

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