Summary: From the Diary of Anne Frank Class 10

Anne Frank

Annelies Marie Frank (Anne Frank), was a Jewish girl born on 12 June 1929, in Frankfurt Germany. She gained fame as a diarist but posthumously i.e. after her death, when ‘The diary of a Young Girl’. was published in which she documented her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the World War II. She died at the age of 16 years in February or March 1945 at a Concentration Camp in Germany.

During the dictatorial and tyrannical rule of Hitler, Anne Frank’s family had moved to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to keep safe from German police as Jews were the best targets of Nazi ideology and were persecuted in large numbers. Soon Germany took over Netherlands also and her family had to into hiding in 1942. They hid in the Annexe of his father’s office. Here she wrote in her diary that was gifted to her by her father on her thirteenth birthday in 1942. The diary is a detailed account of her stay in the Annexe. It describes the events of life in hiding. The last entry in the diary was made on 1st August, 1944.The family betrayed in 1944 and was sent to Concentration Camps. Annie died of typhus in the came soon after Margo Frank’s death. Her father, Otto, was the only survivor of the Holocaust.

After the war was over, he founded and Anne’s diary had been saved. He was convinced that it was a unique record so we had it published in English under title Anne Frank’s diary’. It was translated from Dutch language into many languages and became the most widely read throughout the world. It has been described as the work of an insightful and mature mind.

The chapter from the diary of Anne Frank is based on her diary. The ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ is one of the most authentic works describing the atrocities committed on the Jews during the largest occupation of the Netherlands in 1940s. Her frankness, honesty and sincerity of description of parents, friends and teachers make writing the most important document of the Holocaust period.

Summary: Anne Frank’s Diary

1. Diary writing – a strange experience

Anne Frank feels that writing a diary is a strange experience for her. It is so because she has never written anything like this before. She feels that no one else, except her, will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. She writes it for herself. She wants to get all kinds of things off her chest.

2. Paper has more patience than people

Anne feels that paper has more places than people. There was a time when she was little depressed and sat at home. She does not want anyone else, except her, to read her ‘stiff-backed’ notebook unless he finds a real friend. She keeps the diary as she does not have a friend.

3. Her diary named friend ‘Kitty’ and Brief Sketch about family and her life

She wrote that she was not completely alone in the world. Any rights that outwardly there are about 30 people whom she can call friends. She has a family, loving aunts and a good home. She has loving parents and 16-year-old sister. But it still feels all alone stop she can only talk about ordinary things with them. They are not able to come closer. This is the problem. They can’t confide in each other. Maybe it is our own fault. She once had a friend. It also diary, her friend ‘Kitty ‘. She calls her father, the most adorable father. He married at 36 when her mother was 25. Her sister Margot was born in 1926 while she was born on 12 June 1929. Her father immigrated to holiday 1933. Her mother Edith Hollander Frank went with her father to Holland. But she and her sister were sent to Aachen to stay with their grandmother. Then they went to Holland.

4. Anne’s school

There she was sent to our Montessori nursery school. She stayed there until she was six. In the sixth-class teacher was Mrs Kuperus , the headmistress. During the farewell from the school both had tears when they bade farewell to each other.

5. Anne starts writing a diary on 20 June 1942

in the summer of 1941, her grandma fell ill. She had to be operated upon. She died in January 1942. Sister thought offer greatly and she loved her still. The celebrated Anne’s birthday in 1942. The four of them are doing well till 20 June 1942. Annie started writing a diary on 20 June 1942

6. About class affairs and wait for the result with fear

The entire class was shaking with fear as it was the day of the declaration of results and everyone was in tension. The reason was who would go to the next class and who would not. She found the teachers at the most unpredictable creatures on the earth. She was not worried about her girl – friends and herself. She was sure to make that. But she was not sure about maths. They could wait and told each other not to lose heart.

7. Mr Keesing gives extra work – an essay on ‘A chatterbox’.

She went along the teachers pretty well. Mr Keesing was a dull person who taught the maths. He was always annoyed with her as he talked much. He gave her extra homework as a punishment. It was in the form of an essay on ‘A Chatterbox ‘. She was unable to understand what he could write about it. At home she began thinking of the subject of the essay. She thought to write good points of arguing to prove the necessity of talking. Then she had an idea. She then wrote the three pages to her satisfaction. She wrote that talking was a feature of a student. Her mother also used to talk much. She inherited this from your mother. She promised to keep the habit of talking under control.

8. Mr Keesing gives more homework to write on ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox ‘ and ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress chatterbox’.

Mr Keesing read the essay on ‘A Chatterbox’ and laughed. He gave another essay as she did not stop talking. She was to write it on ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox ‘. She wrote it and it despite Mr Keesing. She did not talk for two lessons. But she started speaking again in the third lesson. He again asked her to write an essay. It was: ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, said Mistress Chatterbox’. The class too roared into laughter hearing it. She also loved. She wanted to write something original now. Her friend Sanne, was good at poetry. She offers to help. Annie wants to turn the table on Mr Keesing. She finishes the poem about a mother duck and father swan and three baby ducklings. They were beaten to death by the father because they equated to much. If the kissing contest would the poem and its message in the right way. Mr Keesing had played a joke on her. But see had it on him. He read the poem to the class adding his own comments Since then she was allowed to talk and was not assigned any extra work. A change had come in Mr Keesing and he started making jokes in the class.

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