The Thief’s Story: Word Meanings Class 10 NCERT English CBSE/UP Board

‘The Thief’s Story’ Class 10 book Footprints without Feet: A good vocabulary helps in understanding any language in speaking and writing it. Here are given meanings in contextual forms to make a better learning and understanding of the lesson ‘ The Thief’s Story’. Go through these words. If you still feel any problem, please feel free to write to us or use the comments section.

The Thief’s Story: Word Meanings Class 10 NCERT English

Page – 8 Word Meanings

lean: पतला-दुबला व्यक्ति

fairly: enough and sufficient, to a considerable extent, कुछ हद्द तक।

successful hand: A successful person

easy-going: relaxed and open-minded, निश्चिंत ओर मस्त मौला ।

of late: recently, पिछले कुछ समय से ।

get into…confidence: विश्वास जीतना ।

flattery: insincere praise, चापलूसी .

put me off: distracted me, विचलित करना ।

modestly: without boasting, humbly, विनम्रता के साथ ।

grunting: making a low guttural sound, गुर्राने की आवाज़ ।

appealing: attractive, आकर्षक ओर मोह लेने वाली ।

misjudged: guessed wrongly, गलत अनुमान लगा लिया था ।

Page – 9 Word Meanings

stray: wandering, आवारा जो पालतू जानवर न हों ।

be off: go away

hung around: did not leave, वहीं आस-पास डटा रहा ।

couldn’t help: couldn’t control

supplies: rations/food items

mind: care, परवाह ।

Page – 10 Word Meanings

by fits and starts: irregularly, नियमित रूप से बराबर नहीं होने वाला ।

queer: strange and unusual, अजीब ओर अनोखा ।

tuck: fold। मोड़ना ‘

cheque: payment for work done

afford: to be able or deserve, समर्थ ओर काबिल एवं योग्य।

scars: marks and spots, घाव के निशान।

startled: हैरान ओर भौचक्का

unlined: showing no signs of worry or anxiety, निश्चिंत ।

Page – 11 Word Meanings

dashed: तेजी से दौड़ कर गया ।

hesitated: ठिठका ओर हिचका।

curious: जानने की इच्छा ।

discomfort: असुविधा एवं परेशानी ।

fifties: 50-rupee notes

deserted: empty of people, वीरान ओर निर्जन ।

Page – 12 Word Meanings

damp: wet , गीला ।

undetected : undiscovered , बगैर पता चले, किसी को पता न चले ।

clouded moonlight: light from the moon partly covered by cloud

spirits rose: mood became happy, दिल से बहुत खुश हुआ ।

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