Trees Poem MCQs Extra Questions Class 10 English CBSE

MCQs from the CBSE question bank as well as extra MCQs for practice based on the poem ‘Trees’ for class 10 CBSE students. These MCQs will help in grasping the poem ‘Trees’. Answers are given at the end of each set of MCQs.

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CBSE Question Bank

A. Read the following extract and answer the questions/ complete the sentences that follow:

All night the roots work
to disengage themselves from the cracks
in the veranda floor.
The leaves strain toward the glass
small twigs stiff with exertion
long-cramped boughs shuffling under the roof
like newly discharged patients
half-dazed, moving
to the clinic doors.

I. Choose the option that lists the examples of exertion.

  1. Neha had been up all-night keeping accounts and now she’s resting.
  2. Swati was running for five miles non-stop last evening.
  3. Hemant is watching his favourite show and having snacks.
  4. Sachin helped a senior citizen board a flight in the morning.

a) 1, 2
b) 2, 3
c) 3, 4
d) 1, 4

II. Choose the image that represents the main object of the extract literally.

a) Option (i)
b) Option (ii)
c) Option (iii)
d) Option (iv)

III. Choose the correct option that mentions the correct poetic device against the correct example.

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

IV. long-cramped and half-dazed are combination of two words joined together to form compound words.
Choose the option that DOES NOT correctly fit the definition of the same.

  1. discharged
  2. backstage
  3. comeback
  4. toward
  5. knighthood

a) 1, 3, 5
b) 2, 3, 4
c) 2, 3, 5
d) 1, 2, 4

V. Choose the option listing the image that the poem metaphorically represents.

a) Option (i)
b) Option (ii)
c) Option (iii)
d) Option (iv

VI. The phrase, “newly discharged patients” suggests that the trees were

a) angry or irritated because they were not receiving medical help or remedy, but now they’re cured and want to stay away from clinics.
b) discontent or disturbed and in need of support from the clinic staff, but now their complaints have been addressed and they are content to live their lives.
c) misunderstood or mistreated and in need of medical attention or care, but now they’re healthy and ready to step out and promote the facility.
d) unwell or unhappy and in need of medical help or remedy, but now they’re cured and ready to venture out and live their lives.

VII. The extract talks about trees breaking out of confined spaces. This is a reference to women

a) shifting away from their domestic confines.
b) seeking revenge for their age-old oppressions.
c) realizing the difference between friends and enemies.
d) focusing on their family and home

VIII. Based on the extract, choose the option that lists the most likely symbolic meaning of (1) – (4) respectively.

a) caution, women, restrictions, individuality
b) individuality, caution, ideas, women
c) restrictions, women, opportunities, individuality
d) opportunities, support, caution, women


i. a
ii. c
iii. b
iv. c
v. d
vi. d
vii. a
viii. c

B. Read the following extract and answer the questions/ complete the sentences that follow:

I sit inside, doors open to the veranda
writing long letters
in which I scarcely mention the departure
of the forest from the house.
The night is fresh, the whole moon shines
in a sky still open…

I. The poet talks about the house as

a) a safe sanctuary from predators.
b) a place of confinement.
c) a representation of family.
d) a concrete alternative to a natural on

II. The poet uses the indefinite article for ‘sky’ instead of the definite one. This is so because the poet is referring to

a) the ceiling of the verandah as ‘a sky’ versus the door kept open, being ‘the sky’.
b) some part of the sky still left open for women to explore, away from limitations set by patriarchal norms.
c) the opportunities symbolized by an open sky outside can be utilized by a single woman.
d) The portion of the sky bathed in moonlight versus the part that is still dark.

III. The extract uses ‘open’ twice, suggesting different meanings. Pick the option that lists the correct meanings, respectively.

a) entry point-vastness
b) sharing a common space-great view
c) allowing access and vision-expanse of space
d) advantage-obstacles ahead.

IV. Choose the option that DOES NOT state the meaning of the underlined word. ‘I scarcely mention…’

a) tactfully
b) hardly
c) barely
d) only just

VI. Choose the option that correctly depicts the imagery in the last two lines of the extract.

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)


i. b
ii. b
iii. c
iv. a
v. c

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