Class 6 Computer Science how to create file HTML in Notepad & ; how to save it Notes in PDF

Creating an HTML Document

Let us know how to create an HTML document or a web page.

Open a text editor (E.G. Notepad).

Type the following text in the text editor.




               MY FIRST PAGE





                      WELCOME TO HTML




Now, save the document by selecting Save As option from the File menu. A save as dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Folder where you wish to save the file.
  2. Select the Text documents option in the Save as Type: Box.
  3. Specify a name for the file in the File name: Box, say My First page.
  4. Add a suffix .html or .htm and click on Save Button.

The file gets saved by the name My First page.html.

Viewing an HTML Document

After creating the HTML document, you can view your document in a Web browser.

  1. Start a Web browser, say Internet Explorer or any other browser.
  2. Click on file menu in the Web browser window.
  3. Click the Open option. The Open dialog box appears as shown below in the figure.
  4. Type the file name including complete path against the space provided and click on OK button.

                  If you do not remember the path, click on Browser button to locate the file. Another dialog box (Windows Internet Explorer) appears.

                  Select the appropriate folder and file in this dialog box and on Open button. The name of the selected HTML file appears against File name: in the dialog box.

  • Click on OK button.

The HTML document gets displayed as a web page in the Web browser window.

For explanation in Hindi watch video:-

Watch for explanation

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