Class 10 Social Science Maps: Resources and Development

Class 10 Social Science Chapter: Resources and Development starts with the classification of resources based on different criteria. The chapter also contains topics related to the development of resources, sustainable development, resource planning in India. The next major theme of the chapter is discussed under the topic ‘Land Resources’. The topics discussed include- land use pattern, land degradation and measures to control land degradation. The next major topic is ‘Soils’. The topics include the types of soils- Alluvial, black, red and yellow soils, laterite soil and arid soil. Soil erosion and soil conservation are other topics.

The chapter has one Map Skill – ‘Major Soil types’. for class 10 as discussed below. See the maps and watch the videos on our channel and practise by filling blank maps of India.

Major Soils Types

Geography- Map Work

Class 10 


Click to Download The Map for Class 10 ‘Major Soil Type’.

Download PDF of All Maps – Session: 2-23-24


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