Class 10 Social Science Maps: Life Lines of National Economy

Class 10 Social Science Chapter ‘Life Lines of National has 2 Map Skills – ‘International Airports’ of India and ‘major ports’ of India. for class 10 as discussed below. See the maps and watch the videos on our channel and practise by filling blank maps of India.

All Maps Class 10 CBSE

Map-Work: Lifelines of National Economy

Major Ports: (Locating and Labelling)

a. Kandla
b. Mumbai
c. Marmagao
d. New Mangalore
e. Kochi
f. Tuticorin
g. Chennai
h. Vishakhapatnam
i. Paradip
j. Haldia

International Airports of India – Class 10 Map Work

International Airports

a. Amritsar (Raja Sansi)
b. Delhi (Indira Gandhi International)
c. Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji)
d. Chennai (Meenam Bakkam)
e. Kolkata (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose)
f. Hyderabad (Rajiv Gandhi)

International Airports of India – Class 10 Map Work

Click to Download The Map for Class 10 ‘Life Lines of National Economy’.

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