Class 6 Computer HTML notes in PDF

HTML[Hyper Text Markup Language]

Tim Berners-Le, a physicist at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

  • Devised a way in the late 80s & early 90s to share documents over the Internet.

Before that, internet communication had been limited to plain text, using technologies such as email, FTP(file transfer protocol).

This was in the form of a markup language called(HTML).

Hypertext ——— Hyper text is a text stored from with cross reference link to other pages or documents.    The word Hyper text was introduce by Ted Nelson in  1960’s.                      

Markup———– It means highlighting the text wither by underlining or displaying it in different colors or both.

Language——- It refers to the mode of communication between web pages HTML has its own syntax and rules.

They have HTML command with extension .htm, .html or .HTML is use for converting ordinary text to hypertext.

Here given the downloadable link of class 6 HTML notes PDF. By the help of PDF you may try to answer all the question of worksheet.

Class 6 Computer HTML notes in PDF link are below:-

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