Class X Computer Science Unit-1 Internet Notes in PDF Updated


The simplest definition of the Internet is that it is the largest computer network in the world.

 But technically speaking, the Internet is actually a network of many smaller networks that exists all over the world.

What is Network?

A computer network is a collection of computers connected together for sharing information and hardware, software resources. A network can be formed with wired or wirelessly.

 Computer network facilitates the sharing of hardware & software resources among different users working on different computers.

 These shared resources can be data files, any application software and hardware devices like printer, modems etc.

 Interconnected computers from the computer networks.


 Internet is computer-based worldwide information network.

It provides many services to make our work easier.

Internet is one of the best technologies used in the present world pf computers.

It has brought the entire world at your home.

Internet is a network of millions of computers, which are connected to each other & their number in growing day by day.

Here is playlist of computer science class 10 with daily updated matters.
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