Poem ‘The Trees’ Class 10 Word Meanings in Hindi and English

‘The Trees’ Poem’s word meanings are given here. The meanings carry literal as well as the literary and figurative meanings so that students could properly understand the poem ‘The Trees’.

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Stanza 1

The trees inside are moving out into the forest,

the forest that was empty all these days

where no bird could sit

no insect hide

no sun bury its feet in shadow

the forest that was empty all these nights

will be full of trees by morning.


empty: vacant, hollow, missing

bury: cover something so that it is visible

Stanza 2

All night the roots work

to disengage themselves from the cracks

in the veranda floor.

the leaves strain toward the glass

small twigs stiff with exertion

long-cramped boughs shuffling under the roof

like newly discharged patients

half-dazed, moving to the clinic doors.


disengage: get free

veranda: the space right outside the house but attached to it

strain: make a lot of effort

twigs: the topmost part of branches

stiff: hard

exertion: pressure

cramped: shrunk

boughs: larger branches of a tree

shuffling: slow dragging motion without lifting feet, changing place

half-dazed: half-shocked/ or half asleep

Stanza 3

I sit inside, door open to the veranda

writing long letters

in which I scarcely mention the departure

of the forest from the house.

The night is fresh, the whole moon shines

in a sky still open

the smell of leaves and lichen

still reaches like a voice into the rooms.


veranda: the space right outside the house but attached to it

scarcely: hardly

departure: leaving, starting of something like train

lichen: crusty patches on tree trunks

Stanza 4

My head is full of whispers

which tomorrow will be silent.

Listen. The glass is breaking.

The trees are stumbling forward

into the night. Winds rush to meet them.

The moon is broken like a mirror,

its pieces flash now in the crown

of the tallest oak.


whispers: low hushing voices

silent: quite

stumbling: walk unsteady

rush: hurry

flash: shine

oak: the name of a tree

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