The Making of a Scientist: MCQs CBSE Questions Class 10 English

‘The Making of a Scientist’ Class 10. MCQs given in CBSE Question Banks (QB) or asked in Board Exams are given here. Read the lesson ‘The Making of a Scientist’ carefully and then attempt such questions. New questions are added from time to time so, keep coming here.

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‘The Making of a Scientist’ MCQs

I. “I didn’t get any real results,” he said. “But I went ahead and showed that I had tried the Experiment. This time I won.” The next year his Science Fair Project was testing the Theory that Viceroy Butterflies copy Monarchs. The Theory was that Viceroys look like Monarchs because Monarchs don’t taste good to Birds. Viceroys, on the other hand, do taste good to Birds. So, the more they look like Monarchs, the less likely they are to become a Bird’s Dinner. Ebright’s Project was to see whether, in fact, Birds would eat Monarchs. He found that a starling would not eat ordinary Bird food. It would eat all the Monarchs it could get. [CBSE-QB 2021] 

Q.1. Choose the option listing Ebright’s Qualities as depicted by the above extract.

1. Persevering

2. Visionary

3. Determined

4. Liberal

5. Conceited

(A) Options 1 & 2

(B) Options 3 & 5

(C) Options 1 & 3

(D) Options 4 & 5

Q. 2. According to the Dictionary, ‘fair’ as a noun, shows the following meanings. Choose the option that lists the meaning similar to the usage to that in the extract.

(A) A gathering of Stalls and Amusements for Public Entertainment.
(B) A Competitive Exhibition showcasing Products or Ideas.
(C) A Periodic Gathering for the Sale of Goods.
(D) An Annual Exhibition of Livestock, Agricultural products, etc., held by a Town, County or State.

Q.3. Choose the option that is true for the two statements given about the information in the extract:
Statement 1- Starling feeds on Viceroys.
Statement 2- Starling does not eat Seeds and Insects.

(A) Both statements are clearly mentioned in the extract.
(B) Statement 1 cannot be clearly inferred from the Text and statement 2 is true.
(C) Statement 1 is false and statement 2 cannot be clearly inferred from the Extract.
(D) Both statements need to be inferred from the given Extract.

Q.4. Choose the statements that are TRUE for the given extract contextually:

  1. Ebright didn’t get any Results for the Experiment he conducted on Butterflies.
  2. Monarchs tasted awfully to the Birds.
  3. Ebright wanted to explore the possibility of Monarchs getting eaten by Birds.
  4. He wanted to prove that Viceroys are look alikes of Monarchs.

(A) 1, 2

(B) 2, 3

(C) 1, 3

(D) 2, 4

Q.5. Four Friends bring their Pets to a pet show. Choose the option that mentions the Friend with a starling as a pet.
Friend 1 has a Turtle named Missy.
Friend 2 has a Dragonfly named Majesty.
Friend 3 has a Rabbit named Molly.
Friend 4 has a Bird named Mitch.

A) Friend 1

(B) Friend 2

(C) Friend 3

(D) Friend 4


Q.1. C

Q.2. B

Q.3. C

Q.4. B

Q.5. D

II. When he saw those photos, Ebright didn’t shout, ‘Eureka!’ or even, ‘I’ve got it!’ But he believed that, along with his findings about Insect hormones, the photos gave him the answer to one of biology’s puzzles: how the cell can ‘read’ the blueprint of its DNA. DNA is the substance in the Nucleus of a Cell that controls heredity. It determines the form and function of the cell. Thus, DNA is the Blueprint for life. Ebright and his College Room-mate, James R. Wong, worked all that night Drawing Pictures and Constructing Plastic Models of Molecules to show how it could happen. Together they later wrote the paper that explained the Theory. [CBSE QB 2021] 

Q.1. Choose the option that shows the picture of the type of task Ebright and Wong were engaged in, as per the

(A) Option (1)

(B) Option (2)

(C) Option (3)

(D) Option (4)

Q.2. Ebright was perhaps expected to shout ‘Eureka!’ because he had:

(A) Realised that he needed a Partner to work with to finalise his findings.
(B) Discovered something new and ‘Eureka!’ was a cry to announce it.
(C) Worked hard and was relieved at nearing the end of his Project.
(D) Given shape to the teachings of his teachers by choosing this Field of Science.

Q. 3. “Thus, DNA is the Blueprint for Life”, is another way of saying that the DNA contains a Genetic __.

(A) Experiment

(B) Ultimatum

(C) Takeaway

(D) Plan

Q. 4. Four Newspapers published a headline about Ebright and Wong. Choose the option that published a factually correct headline, as per the extract.

(A) Newspaper 1

(B) Newspaper 2

(C) Newspaper 3

(D) Newspaper 4

Q.5. Compound words are those words which are formed by joining two separate words to create a new word with an entirely different meaning.

Choose the option that lists the compound words from the above extract.

  1. Determines
  2. Blueprint
  3. Nucleus
  4. Heredity
  5. Room-Mate

(A) Options 1 & 3

(C) Options 1 & 4

(B) Options 2 & 4

(D) Options 2 & 5


Q.1. B

Q.2. B

Q.3. C

Q.4. D

Q.5. B

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