Extra Important questions for the Chapter Black Aeroplane

‘Black Aeroplane’ is the 2nd story compiled in the chapter ‘Two Stories about Flying’. The story is a mystery that surrounds around a pilot being helped by unknown forces to land safely out of a deadly storm. The reader is left in the end questioning to himself as who or what would have saved the pilot!

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Extract-based questions. Chapter: Black Aeroplane

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. (2010)

‘I ought to go back to Paris,’ I thought, but I wanted to get home. I wanted that breakfast. I’ll take the risk,’ I thought and flew that old Dakota straight into the storm.

Inside the clouds everything was suddenly black. It was impossible to see anything outside the aeroplane. The old aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air. I looked at the compass. I couldn’t believe my eyes”: The compass was turning round and round. It was dead.

(a) Who is ‘I’?

(b) Why did he think of going back to Paris?

(c) Why didn’t he go there?

(d) What happened to his compass?

(e) Which word in the passage is the adverb form of ‘sudden’?

Short Answer Type questions. Chapter: Black Aeroplane

1. Describe the sky when ‘Dakota’ took off from Paris. (2012) 

2. “I will take the risk”. What is the risk? Why does the pilot of the old Dakota take it? (2012)

3. What difficulties did the narrator face while flying in the storm? (2012)

4. A pilot is lost in the storm clouds. Does he arrive safe? Who helps him? (2012)

5. What shocked the narrator after landing safely? (2012)

6. What happened when the author told the 12° west towards England? (2012)

7. Explain the statement: ‘I was very happy go behind the strange aeroplane like an obedient child ‘. (2014, 16)

8. Describe the flight of the Dakota aeroplane till it relented safely at the airport. (2017)

9. Who rescued the first pilot of Dakota and how? (2015)

10. While the black aeroplane called ‘strange ‘? (2012)

Long Answer Type Questions. Chapter: Black Aeroplane

1. Why did the pilot of the Dakota encounter 150 kilometres away from Paris? recount his experience inside the black clouds. (2010-Long Answer Type)

2. Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm.



 Summary of the Chapter: The Black Aeroplane

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