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NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter Agriculture solutions include video-series for the chapter and solutions to the book exercises of the Class 10 Chapter Agriculture.

Geography class 10 Chapter agriculture explains the different cropping seasons of India. Types of agriculture practised in India and the major crops and the areas of their production. The crops include those grown for subsistence and those grown for commercial purposes like plantations and oil seed crops.

Chapter Agriculture of Class 10 also talks about contribution of agriculture in the India GDP. The concerning point is raised regarding declining share of Indian agriculture in the national income of India. The share of the secondary and the tertiary sector is on the rise with the services sector leading the race.

Lastly the chapter agriculture of class 10 explains the various measures adopted by the India government to improve agriculture sector. Suggestions also have been given as how to address the issue of farmers.

Class 10 Chapter Agriculture also expresses the views of economists who share almost common views regarding bleak future for farmers if they don’t change the cropping pattern. Diversified cropping and organic farming is the need of the hour.

The Chapter Agriculture of class 10 also highlights the importance of modern revolution in genetic technology for agriculture i.e. ‘gene revolution’.

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