A Letter to God Class 10 English Extra Questions for Revision

A Letter to God. Extra questions for revision are given here. All the questions are based on the previous Board Exam questions. Practice of writing your own answers to the questions given here. It will enhance comprehending and drafting of your own answers. . Write answers in short sentences and well punctuated. Now go ahead –

Previous Years’ Questions – A Letter to God


1. Did the letter reach God? Why did the postmaster send a reply to Lencho? (2020)  

2. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped? (2020)

3. Why did Lencho’s happy mood change into concern? (2020) 

4. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped? (2019, 2012)

5. Did the letter reach to God? Why did the postmaster reply to Lencho’s letter?  (2019)

6. In the ‘A letter to God’ what moral values does the Post Master display in his behaviour? (100-50 words) (2018)

7. Why did Lencho write his second letter? (2010)

8. Why does Lencho write a letter to God? What does he experience? (2019, 2011) 

9. Who was Lencho? What were his main problems? [CBSE 2015]

10. Why did Lencho not want the money to be sent through mail? [CBSE 2016]  

11. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hailstorm stopped? [2020]

12. In the lesson ‘A Letter to God’, what moral values does the postmaster display in his behaviour? [2018]

13. Why was Lencho angry on counting the money sent to him? [2019]


1. No, the letter did not reach God. The postman saw the letter addressed to God asking for 100 pesos. He took the letter to the postmaster. The postmaster did not want to shake Lencho’s faith in God. Hence, he decided to help Lencho. He gave a part of his salary and asked the other employees to help. He sent seventy pesos to Lencho in reply and signed the letter ‘God’ in order to preserve the man’s faith in God.

2. Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. When the storm had passed, he stood in the middle of the field and said to his sons, “a plague of locusts would have left more than this. The hail has left nothing. This year we will have no corn.” That night was a sorrowful one for them, but in the heart of Lencho there is only one hope – help from God. 

3. Lencho had a strong faith in God, when for his crops he needed rain, Lencho wished and prayed for the rain to God. Next morning, he sat in his house and waited for the rain. As soon as the rain started, he became very happy and began calling the raindrops silver coins. But unfortunately, the rain was accompanied with hails storm, it turned into a disaster to the crops, plants and trees, not even a leaf remained on them. The crops were totally destroyed. Seeing this, Lencho’s heart was filled with sadness and thus his mood changed totally.

4. Lencho was filled with sadness and despair because the hailstorm had destroyed the crops in the field. He was restless at the thought that his family would go Hungary that year.

 5. Literally, the letter did not reach as God is an abstract idea or belief having no concrete address in wordily connotations. If we see from an angle of faith then it can be contended that the God helped Lencho through men at the post office. 

6. The post master has been portrayed as a kind and amiable person who could empathy the people. When I received Lencho’s letter addressed to God, he was surprised to see an innocent faith in God that he did not wish to disturb with reality of the matter.
He opened the letter and read it. Then he came to know that Lencho required money. He decided not to shake the writer’s faith in God. It has also been shown in the story that the Postmaster himself wanted to maintain such faith in God. So he decided to help maintain his faith by helping him with money. He collected money from his employees, friends and gave part of his salary.
Thus, we find many good qualities in the post aster’s character.

7. Lencho was angry to see only 70 pesos and thought that the post office employees had stolen the rest of the amount.

8. Lencho was a farmer, whose field always yielded a good harvest. However, unfortunately, due to an unexpected hailstorm, Lencho’s crops were completely destroyed. Lencho and his family were going to be rendered penniless and hungry for an entire year.  
Lencho had unflinching faith in God. He believed that only God could get him out of this adverse situation since God never let his children die of hunger. Quite sure that God was his only hope for survival, Lencho wrote a letter to God asking him to send hundred pesos. The money, he wrote, would enable him to sow his field again, and feed and sustain him and his family until the crops came. When Lencho returned to receive the envelope containing the money from God he was surprised to see that the sent amount was less than what he had asked for. Lencho was affirmative that God could neither commit a mistake nor would he send less. Lencho doubted the integrity of the post office employees; he thought they had stolen his money. 

9. Lencho was a poor diligent farmer who lived on the crest of a low hill. His main problems were lack of rainfall which his crops required in order to give him a good harvest for the year and a plague of locusts that could attack and destroy his crops, leaving him with nothing to earn or survive on. 

10. Lencho did not want the money to be sent through mail because he did not trust the post office employees. Earlier, when he asked for a hundred pesos, he only received seventy. He believed the post office employees to be a bunch of crooks who would also steal the remaining amount of money. 

11. Lencho was filled with utter sadness when the hailstorm stopped. He was troubled to see the corn which was totally destroyed. Nothing was left in the fields. He and his family had to go hungry without corn as he suffered huge losses in the hailstorm. 

12. Answer:

  • tried to keep Lencho’s faith in God intact 
  • empathetic, soft-hearted, caring, good leadership qualities, sensitive 
  • collects money from his employees to help Lencho and also gives a part of his salary 
  • generous person, encourages to perceive others in a more positive light 
  • fosters a sense of community building • spreads positivity which creates a healthy society. 

13. Lencho became angry on counting the money when he saw only seventy pesos instead of hundred pesos. So he got angry on the post office employees. He was expecting hundred pesos from God.

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  1. Ishwar sharan shukl

    Yes , as if we see from lencho’s point of view he was justified in calling the post office employees ‘a bunch of crooks’.
    In the world today there are such peoples who take up any other’s commodities without caring that what will that mean to the real owner.And so was lencho’s feeling , when he saw just 70 pesos instead of 100 in the envelope. He was so firm in his believe that according to him god wouldn’t have made such a mistake.


  2. Sirji

    We have posted your answer. Thank you for your comments. 😊

  3. Madhu

    The answer to the question is in two folds.
    Lencho was a man of great faith and devotion. He had so much confidence in God so he naturally thought that God couldn’t have given him just 70 pesos when he had asked for a hundred pesos. His extreme devotion and innocence led him to believe that the post office employees had stolen the money that God had sent for him. Whereas, in reality it was the post office employees who had sent him the 70 pesos in the first place.
    But from a logical perspective, we could argue that Lencho was so blinded by faith that he was incapable of seeing the selfless compassion of the post office employees who wanted to help him. The fact that he called the post office employees a bunch of crooks, when all they did was try to help him could be a sign of arrogance and narrow mindedness. He also demands The remaining 30 pesos – this act could be interpreted as being entitled, demanding and ungrateful.

    1. legend

      nice yaha answer likho question paper ma maat likh naa fail hona

  4. C Shrujan Reddy

    Yes,As if we stand in lencho’s place he said truth ,Now in this world such people are more like lencho in word there is one or two people that’s all

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