The Rise of nationalism in Europe Class 10 solutions

NCERT Class 10 History Chapter The Rise of Nationalism in Europe explains how the revolutions in France affected the other states of Europe as Metternich had once said "When France sneezes, whole of Europe catches cold." The chapter moves on to talk about the Napoleonic Code of 1804. later the Treaty of Vienna 1815 that restores monarchy and make changes in the map of Europe. The revolutionaries resist such acts and we read about revolutionaries like Giuseppe Mazzini. The great hardships of people also brought the common people on streets against the governments. We read about the Greek war of Independence and then Two major revolutions- in 1830 and in 1848 rock some parts of Europe. The Frankfurt Parliament (1848) was organised to unite the German confederation into a German Empire. Later the army and diplomacy come to play a major role in the unification of Germany and Italy. Otto von Bismarck played a leading role in the Unification of Germany by 1871. Camilo Cavour played the same role in the Unification of Italy by 1870. Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini also contributed in the Italian Unification. The chapter also discusses the strange case of Britain becoming a nation state. Allegories of Marianne and Germania are given in the last section of the chapter.

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