The Tale of Custard the Dragon: Meanings in Hindi Class 10 English

Word meanings of the poem ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ are given here. Meanings are given in both English as well as Hindi. The poem is also explained in Hindi through a video given below. Click here for more study materials on English class 10.

The Tale of custard the Dragon video

Word Meanings in English and Hindi


Kitten A young cat बिल्ली 
Wagon Carriage, truck  
Realio A misspelt word for ‘really’  यथार्थ में
Trulio A misspelt word for ‘truly’  सच में
Dragon A fierce flying snake that can release fire from mouth 


Sharp (here) intelligent तेज  
Coward Fearful, frightened, afraid, lacking courage  डरपोक


Spikes Sharp nails,  भाले जैसा नुकीला  
Scales  Rough layered designs etc found on skins of snakes  
Underneath Below  के नीचे
Fireplace  Hearth चूल्हा या इसी तरह का स्थान
Draggers A short small sword  


Barrel  A cylindrical container for keeping liquids पीपा  
Chase To follow someone  पीछा करना
Rage  Anger, wrath  क्रोध
Cage  An encloser to keep animals  बड़ा या पिंजरा


Tickle Lightly touch with fingers or prod (a person or a part of the body) in a way that causes mild discomfort or itching and often laughter.  
Unmerciful Without kindness   
Rudely In a harsh and unconcerned manner, without showing modesty  
Percival  Like a hero Percival  
Cowardly  Easily frightened  


Giggle Laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way, from amusement, nervousness, or embarrassment.  
Said weeck (Here) laughed like a mouse  
Rudely In an insulting and uncaring manner, obdurately  


Nasty  Bad and unpleasant   
Growl Maake a low thundering sound to show anger or create fear  
Meowch Cry in cat like voice  
Pirate  A sea-robber or dacoit  
Winda  A word for window  


Cutlass  A dragger  
Meant no good Had bad intentions to harm   


Pale Face became yellowish, fading of complexion, because of fear or anxiety   
Fled  Ran away  
Terrified  Afraid, frightened   
Yelp  Cry  
Trickle  To reach  
Strategically  To act according to the demand and exigencies of the situations especially during war or battle  
Mouseholed Entered the mouse hole  


Snort Making the sound of an engine out of nostrils  
Clash  Strick against, come to blows   
Dungeon A dark underground prison   
Clatter and clank Making rattling sounds of irons striking, sound of weapons striking   
Jangle Making a harsh ringing metallic sound  
Squirm Wriggle or twist the body side to side  
Robin A bird  
Worm  Insect  


Gape Watched intently without moving eyelids   
Gulped  Drank down without biting   
Grog Wine  
Flagon A container with narrow mouth  
Fired Fired bullets, shot   
Gobbled  Swallowed   
Every bit Completely   


Embraced  Hugged, held tightly in arms  
Lick  Pass the tongue over  
Mourned Expressed grief, lamented   
Victim Prey, the sufferer  
Glee  Happiness, joy   
Gyrate  Danced around, take rounds and rounds around  


Presently  Now  
Flustered Nervous, perturbed  
Quite  Completely  

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