Amanda: Extra Questions Class 10 English Poems CBSE

 AMANDA – Extract Based Questions

Q. Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option. 

Don’t bit your nails. Amanda! 

Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda! 

Stop that slouching and sit up straight, 


i) Who is giving instructions to Amanda! 

a) Teacher 

b) Grandmother 

c) Mother 

d) Father 

ii) What does Amanda do to her shoulders? 

a) Stretches 

b) Hunches 

c) Keep them loose 

d) None of these 

iii) What is Amanda’s sitting posture? 

a) Sitting straight 

b) Bending on the chair 

c) Slouching 

d) Not sitting at all 

iv) What is the literary device used in the third line? 

a) Metaphor 

b) Alliteration 

c) Personification 

d) Simile 


i) c) Mother 

ii) b) Hunches 

iii) c) Slouching 

iv) b) Alliteration 

Q. Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option. 

(There is a languid, emerald sea, 

where the sole inhabitant is me- 

a mermaid, drifting blissfully.) 

i) Who do these lines refer to? 

a) Amanda 

b) Mermaid 

c) Amanda’s sister 

d) None of these 

ii) Why is this stanza given within brackets? 

a) to show inner thoughts of mother 

b) day dreaming by Amanda 

c) to show the contrast 

d) Both (b) and (c) 

iii) Give the word from the stanza which means “free flowing act of going with motion and force”. 

a) languid 

b) Blissfully 

c) Drifting 

d) Emerald 

iv) Why does Amanda want to be sole inhabitant of sea? 

a) Away from noise 

b) Away from mother 

c) Away from this noisy and disturbing atmosphere 

d) Away from everyone 


i) a) Amanda 

ii) d) Both (b) and (c) 

iii) c) Drifting 

iv) c) Away from this noisy and disturbing atmosphere 

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  1. Mustafa

    I need answer of this long question:-Amanda loves to live in a dream world and does not appreciate any interference.A parent tries to bring her back to the real world. Therefore , there is always a conflict going on. Elaborate.

    Note:-Answer of this question should be in a very long paragraphs

  2. Shar

    The poem “Amanda” portrays a persistent conflict between Amanda’s inclination toward a dream world and the attempts of a parent (or speaker) to bring her back to reality. Amanda’s recurrent escape into imaginative scenarios like being a mermaid, an orphan, or Rapunzel suggests her desire for a refuge from the constraints and pressures of the real world. In these dreamlike states, she finds a sense of bliss, freedom, and tranquility, emphasizing her preference for the imaginative over the tangible.

    Conversely, the parent’s constant instructions, reprimands, and inquiries about mundane tasks like finishing homework or tidying her room represent the intrusion of the real world into Amanda’s dreamscape. The conflict arises as the parent attempts to impose societal expectations and responsibilities on Amanda, disrupting her moments of imaginative escape. This clash between Amanda’s dream world and the parent’s attempts to anchor her in reality forms the core tension of the poem, illustrating the struggle between the individual’s desire for autonomy and the external pressures to conform.

    The conflict between Amanda’s dream world and the real world in the poem reflects broader themes of societal expectations, individual autonomy, and the struggle to balance personal freedom with societal demands. The poem suggests that Amanda’s dreamlike fantasies serve as a coping mechanism or a form of rebellion against the nagging and regulations of the real world. This ongoing conflict underscores the challenges individuals face in maintaining their imaginative and independent spirit amidst the expectations and impositions of society.

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