Class 10 Computer Difference between World Wide Web and Internet. Is both terms are same?

How the Internet & WWW is different terms from each other.

Difference between WWW & Internet

A large part of the Internet is the ‘world wide web’ (WWW). This is made up of website that have one or more web pages.

But the Internet isn’t just the web pages that you use every day.

It is also consist of:

  •  Forums where people can seek help and advice about a topic.
  •  Research databases used by universities and large companies.
  •  E-mail & Instant Messaging (IM) system.

It is really important to understand that the Internet is not the same as WWW. The internet is to the World Wide Web as Europe is to Germany. One is the container, the other one is an item within the container.

For explanation watch video:

Note: While Internet is a collecting of computers or networking devices connected together; WWW is a collection of documents, linked via special links called hyperlinks. WWW forms a large part of Internet but is not the Internet.

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