Class 9 NCERT Geography Climate Extra Questions

Climate: Class 9 NCERT Geography- The chapter explains different factors that affect the climate of a country. Latitude. altitude, distance from the sea and wind and pressure belts affect the climate of a country. The climate of India is Monsoon type which is affected by many factors when we talk about onset and advancement of monsoon in India. Here are given some extra questions for revision.

Climate: Class 9 NCERT Geography Extra Questions

Q.1. What is climate?

Answer: It is the sum total of weather conditions and variations over a large period of time (30 years)

Q.2. What is weather?

Answer: It refers to the state of the atmosphere, over an area, at any point of time. The atmospheric conditions can change several times in a day.

Q.3. What are the elements of a climate and weather?

Answer: Temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity and precipitation.

Q.4. Describe the regional variations in the climatic conditions of India with the help of the suitable examples.


The great regional variations in the climatic conditions of India are seen mainly in temperature and rainfall.

Temperature: In summer the temperature rises above 50° Cin some parts of Rajasthan while in Jammu and Kashmir it may be around 20 C at the same time. During winter the temperature goes down to even minus 45 C while it may be around 22 c in the Thiruvananthapuram. Coastal areas have a moderate climate while the interior of India has extreme or continental climate.

Precipitation: The rainfall is as high as 400cm in in Meghalaya while it is less than 10 cm in W. Rajasthan and Ladakh. Most part of India gets rainfall between June to September while Tamil Nadu receives rainfall between November and December.

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