Important question for Class-10 Computer Science Internet & web services

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Theoretical Questions

  1. Discuss some advantages and limitations of e-mail.

Ans. Advantages

i) Low cost

ii) Speed

iii) Waste Reduction

iv) Ease of use

v) Record Maintenance


i) Hardware requirement

ii) Impermanent

iii) A hasty medium

iv) Hard to convey emotion

2.Discuss the structure of an email message in brief.

Ans. In an email-message , apart from the message text, there are some other fields, which are used for some specific purposes as listed below:

i) To: In this field, the e-mail address of the recipient is given.

ii) CC: In this field, the e-mail address of the Carbon Copy recipients of the mail, are mentioned.

iii) BCC: In this field, the email address of the Blind Carbon Copy recipients are mentioned.

3. What is Social media ?

Ans. Any forum used to share information, news, opinions that is accessible by many users :

Group websites



Social Networking sites

4. What advantages do online sources offer over traditional media ?

Ans. Online sources have several advantages over traditional media:

  • Reach: Internet has made its reach in very nook & corner.
  • Accessibility: Any body with a computer connected to Internet access.
  • Usability : No special skills required.
  • Recency: Latest updates, instant information.
  • Permanence: A newspaper can’t be edited once printed; but an online sources can be edited whenever needed.

5. How is Facebook different from Twitter?

Ans. Facebook is a social networking site but twitter is a micro blog, a blogging service with limited characters posts.

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