The Hack Driver Summary Class 10 English CBSE

‘The hack Driver’ Class 10: The summary of the lesson ‘The hack Driver’ is an interesting story with a surprising end. Go through the summary and find out yourself the suspense.

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The Hack Driver Summary

The Narrator

The narrator is a young lawyer who works in a law firm and is assigned the duty to serve summons to a witnesses required in a court case. The narrator graduated with honours in law and dreamt of practising law. But all his hopes are dashed because he does not get any case to handle but is sent to serve summons. As this work is difficult and dangerous, he hates it. He thinks of going back to his town to become a lawyer.

The Lawyer Visits New Mullion to Serve Summons

One day he goes to a village named New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins. He expects to find a beautiful and peaceful village. But his expectations are proved false as the village has streets full of mud. There are shabby wooden shops all around. The only cheerful thing is that the lawyer finds a man at the station. This man drives a carriage and offers to help him find Oliver Lutkins.

The Hack Driver Tells the Lawyer about Lutkins

The Hack driver informed him that Lutkins was hard to catch. He was always busy doing one thing or another. He tells him that Lutkins even owes him some money. The lawyer is quite impressed by the friendly conduct of the hack driver. Now, he trusts him completely. The lawyer hires his carriage for a couple of hours to find Lutkins. He even tells him that he had summons to serve on Lutkins.

The Hack Driver Takes the Lawyer Around

The hack driver suggests that he would find out about Lutkins as Lutkins might run away on seeing the lawyer. The driver takes him to Fritz’s shop. Then he takes him to Gustaff’s barber shop. After that they go to Gray’s and the pool room. But they miss Oliver Lutkins every time. Lunch time arrives. The driver gets him some cheap lunch made by his wife.

The Lawyer Enjoys the Driver’s Company

The lawyer did not mind that he had not found Oliver Lutkins because he was enjoying the company of the hack driver. The lawyer was impressed by the wisdom of the man. The driver told him everything about New Mullion. He described the people and their habits. His simplicity and humour influences the lawyer so much that he plans to settle down in the village. He ends up paying the hack driver for six hours.

The Driver and the Lawyer Visit Oliver’s Mother

The hack driver suggested that they should look for Oliver at his mother’s place. She was described as a terrifying woman. The women chase them away with a burning iron and threatened to burn them. The two escaped to save themselves.

The Lawyer Returns to Town

When the lawyer returned to town without serving the summons his chief got very angry with him. They needed Lutkins as an important witness in their case. The next day he sent another man who knew Lutkins with the lawyer to the village to bring Lutkins.

The Lawyer Serves Summons on Lutkins

The lawyer and his companion went to the village the next day. They found the hack driver at station laughing and joking with Lutkin’s mother. He pointed out the driver to his companion and explained how the driver helped him in trying to find Lutkins. Surprisingly, his companion told the lawyer that the driver was Lutkins himself. The lawyer served summons on Lutkins who made fun of him.

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