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‘A Letter to God’ Class 10 is the story of a farmer called Lencho who has complete and unending faith in the Almighty ‘God’. He had a good crop prospectus but needed rain badly to have a good harvest. The rain begins but soon turns into hail storm and destroys the whole crop. He wrote a letter to God seeking from him hundred pesos to help her family saved from starving… Now read the summary below to know the whole story.

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Detailed Summary ‘A Letter to God’ Class 10

Lencho’s house and crop needs rain

Lencho was farmer and had his lonely house in the valley. It was situated on the top of a low hill. From there one could see the river and the fields. Lencho had a good crop. But it needed rains badly.

The rain begins and rain drops are like new coins

Lencho saw the sky in the north. It had rain clouds. His wife was preparing the supper. He told her that God willing it would rain. Soon big drops of rain began to fall. Lencho went out to feel the rain on his body. He was very glad. He said that the drops of rain were like new coins. The big drops were ten cent pieces and the little ones were worth five each.

The rain converts into huge hailstorm and destroys crop

but soon the hail rained on everywhere. Hailstones resembled silver coins. The house, the fields and the hill-side were covered with the white hails. Not a leaf remained on the trees. The corn was totally destroyed. So, were the flowers. Lencho was sorrowful. They would have no corn this year.

Lencho writes to God as he has complete faith in god

Lencho was sad but he had a single hope: help from God. He had learnt from people and was sure that no one dies of hunger. God takes care of everyone. He had a great belief in God. The following Sunday he went to the post office. He wrote a letter to God to send him hundred pesos. He wrote ‘God ‘ as the address.

The Postmaster collects money for Lencho to keep his faith in god intact

An employee of the post office showed this letter to the postmaster. The postmaster laughed seeing the address. He wished himself to have such a faith in God. He had had an idea: answer the letter. He read the letter and found that the writer needed money. The postmaster sympathised with the poor man Lencho and to keep his faith in God intact he decided to collect money from his friends and employees and also gave his own contribution. The postmaster could collect only seventy pesos. He put the money in an envelope and addressed it to Lencho. He wrote a single word on it ‘God’ as a signature.

Lencho receive the money

The following Sunday Lencho came to the post office. He asked if there was any letter for him. He was given that letter. Lencho did not show any surprise on seeing the money. He got angry when he counted the money and found only seventy pesos. He felt that God could not have made a mistake.

Lencho’s reply to the letter and he calls post office employees ‘a bunch of crooks’.

immediately Lencho wrote another letter to God. He put it into the mailbox. The postmaster opened it. Lencho had written in that letter that he had received only seventy pesos. But he had asked for hundred pesos. He asked God to send them the rest. But God should not send it through the mail. It was because the post office employees were bunch of crooks.

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Key points: A Letter to God Class 10

  • Lencho is an honest farmer whose fields have a rich harvest of ripe corns.
  • He is awaiting a good rainfall for his crops.
  • But unfortunately, hailstones destroy his crops completely.
  • He is a man of strong faith in God.
  • He believed that God would not let his family starve.
  • He writes a letter to God asking him for hundred pesos. A post man, who sees the address, hands over the letter to the postmaster.
  • The postmaster reads the letter and is moved by Lencho’s faith in God.
  • He does not want to shake Lencho’s faith.
  • He collects money from the post office employees and his friends. He also contributes a part of his salary for Lencho.
  • He puts seventy pesos in an envelope with the letter in which only ‘God’ is written.
  • He gives the envelope to Lencho when it comes to enquire about a letter
  • Lencho believes that God has sent the money to him. He is angry to find only seventy pesos.
  • He believes the post office employees have taken away 30 pesos.
  • He writes back asking God to send the remaining 30 pesos directly to him and not through mail.
  • He considers the post office employees as dishonest and calls them a bunch of crooks.

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