A Letter to God Word Meanings in Hindi Class 10 English

Word meanings of the Class 10 English lesson ‘A letter to God’ are given here. The meanings are given both in English as well as in Hindi so that students are able to understand and learn the lesson ‘A Letter to God’ well.

WORD MEANINGS – ‘A Letter to God’

Page 3  

Entire—whole, taking all together – पूरा, सारा का सारा 

Valley—an area of low land between hills of mountains – घाटी

Crest—top – सिखर

Ripe— mature – पका हुआ 

Corn—grain, अनाज ; 

Dotted with—spread out here and there – यहाँ – वहाँ बिखर हुआ ।

Downpour—heavy rain – मुशलाधार पानी का बरसना ।  

Shower—light shower of rain – हल्की बौछार।  


Supper—the last meal of the day; 

Page 4  

Predict—make a forecast – भविष्यवाणी करना ; 

Huge—very big, विशाल ; 

Approaching—to come near – नजदीक आना ; 

Pleasure— happiness – आनंद, अच्छा लगना ;

Exclaim —cry with surprise – चिल्ला कर बोलना ; 

Satisfied— contented – संतुष्ट ; 

Expression—show of feelings – चेहरे के हाव-भाव ; 

Regarded—thought – समझा ओर माना ; 

Draped—dressed up लिपटा हुआ या ढका हुआ ; 

Curtain—veil – पर्दा ; 

Along—with – साथ में, के साथ ; 

Hailstones—rain of snow – ओला पड़ना ; 

Resemble—to look like something – के जैसे दिखना यानी समान लगना ; 

Exposing —coming out in the open – बाहर खुले में सामने आना ; 

Frozen pearls—(here) icy hailstones – ओले जो जमे हुए मोती के समान लग रहे थे ; 

Soul— inner conscience, spiritual part of a person believed to exist after death – आत्मा ; 

Plague of Locusts—attack of insects or flies – टिड्डों का दल जो फसल को सफाचट कर जाता है . 

Page 5  

Solitary—alone – अकेला ; 

Through—from the beginning to the end – शुरू से आखिर तक ; 

Instructed— informed or told to do – बताया गया था ; 

Conscience—soul; the inner sense of right or wrong – अंतरात्मा ; 

Ox of a man – a very powerful person – शरीर से मजबूत था ;

Still—yet – तब भी या अभी भी ; 

Daybreak— sunrise, भोर का समय ; 

Pesos—currency of several South American countries – दक्षिणी अमेरिकी देशों की मुद्रा; 

Envelope—paper cover to keep letter – लिफाफा ; 

Troubled—disturbed – परेशान ; 

Stamp—postage – डाक टिकट ;

Boss—master; head – मुखिया या सबसे बड़ा अधिकारी ; 

Career—profession – पेश या काम ; 

Amiable—friendly and pleasant – दोस्ताना व्यवहार करने वाला . 

Page 6  


Immediately—at once; 




Correspondence—communicating through letters; 

Shake—to move; 





Goodwill— nice feeling; 

Stuck—remained firm; 

Resolution—firm determination; 


Obliged—asked to do a favour; asked to be generous; 

Charity—help given to the poor and needy people; 

Addressed—written to special name; 


A bit—a little; 

Earlier—before the beginning of period of time; 


Experiencing—feeling something; 




Slightest—not even a little; 


Counted—calculated the total number; 



Brow—the part of face above the eyes; 

Caused—to make something happen; 


Express—to show feeling or opinion; 

Licked—strike with tongue; 


Page 7 

Fist—closed palm; 

Moment—a particular point of time; 

Need—to require; 


Crook—cheats, thugs. 

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