The Sermon at Benares Word Meanings Class 10 English CBSE

The Sermon at Benares Class 10 English: The vocabulary includes meanings of difficult words in English as well as Hindi so that the lesson ‘The Sermon at Banares’ is easily understood.

Page 133

Hindi meanings will be posted soon

Sacred – holy

Scriptures – holy and pious books

Befitted – appropriate and proper;

Royalty – related to kings;

Befitted Royalty – deserved royalty

Heretofore – till then, before this point;

Shield – save and protect;

Sufferings – sorrows;

Chanced upon – came across by chance, it so happened to be’

Funeral procession—the procession of a dead man taken to the burial or cremation ground;

Monk – a hermit;

Alms – begging;

Moved – (here) shook;

Seek – to find the desired things;

Enlightenment – divine knowledge, state of having got or realised high spiritual knowledge.

Concerning – connecting with or related to,

witness – see for yourself

vow – take a pledge or swear to something

Page 134

Bodhi tree—tree of wisdom;

The Buddha—the person who has received highest knowledge;

Wander—to roam here and there, linger,

Preach—to deliver sermon to spread the message

Sermon—religious or moral teaching;

Dipping places – places like the Ganga where people bathe by dipping into water

Preserved – kept safe from harm and encroachments

Reflects—shows and displays

Wisdom—prudence; intelligence of right and wrong

Inscrutable—which can’t be understood;

Only—single, with none other;

Neighbour—person dwelling beside or near you;



Lost her senses – as if gone mad, not understanding the realities to behave sensibly;

At length – at last

Physician – consulting doctor

Repaired – (here) went


Mustard-seed—seeds of mustard plant;

Procure – obtain, get or achieve by efforts

Remind—refresh the memory to make a recall of things in mind

Grief—suffering, great pain of heart and mind;


Hopeless— without hope; in despair

Wayside—the edge of road;

Flickered—lighted dimly; shone by flash

Extinguished—put out; exhausted

Reigned—(here) spread out;

Considered—thought deeply; pondered


Selfish— chiefly concerned with oneself;

Valley of Desolation—land (world) of sorrows and sufferings where none is spared of sorrows

Immortality—not affected by death; deathlessness

Surrender—submit or give up;

Page 135

Mortal—those who are bound to die;

Brief—short and of little duration.

Avoid—escape or ignore

Ripe—matured and fully grown;

Earthen vessels—pots and utensils of mud;

Potter – persons who makes earthen vessels

Subject—(here) under;

Grieving—to feel sorrow;

Depart – go away, leave the place

Kinsmen – relatives

Mark – look

Lamenting – grieving

Afflicted with – affected by



Decay – rot

Pale—yellow due to weakness;

Composed—calm and controlled in oneself

Overcome—conquered or controlled by

Blessed— having got blessings from God

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