Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Extra Questions Short Answer Type

Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Extra Questions: Short answer type questions are given here. Answers are also given. These questions will help students revise the chapter. Students are advised to asses themselves with their own answers and then see the answers.

Very Short Answer Type Questions (1 Mark)

  1. What is the name of German Parliament?
  2. How was Reichstag elected?
  3. When was the First World War fought? Name the peace treaty signed after the First World War.
  4. Name the allied powers, axis powers and central powers.
  5. Give the main reason for Germany’s defeat in the First World War.
  6. Who was Helmuth?
  7. What does the Articles 48 contain?
  8. What was ‘Dawes Plan’?
  9. Why did USA introduce the Dawes Plan?
  10. What is hyperinflation?
  11. What was Free Corps?
  12. What does the term ‘Great Economic Depression’ signify?


  1. Reichstag.
  2. It was elected on the basis of equal and universal franchise in Germany.
  3. 1914-1918. Treaty of Versailles was signed often the First World War.
  4. Allied Powers – The UK, France, the then USSR and USA Axis Powers – Germany, Italy and Japan Central Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
  5. The allies were strengthened by the entry of US.
  6. Helmuth was 11-year-old German boy who overheard his parent’s discussion on whether the whole family should be killed or only his father should commit suicide.
  7. Article 48 gave the President the powers to impose emergency, suspend civil rights and rule by decree.
  8. A plan which reworked the terms of reparation to ease financial burden on the Germans.
  9. Germany did not accept to pay reparation payments to France, which captured Ruhr. Germany resisted and printed paper currency. The value of German Mark reduced. The American intervened and introduced the Dawes Plan.
  10. It refers to a situation when prices rise high phenomenally. For instance, Germans paid cartloads of currency notes to purchase a leaf of bread.
  11. An uprising in Berlin demanded Soviet style government in Germany. Weimer Republic crushed their revolt with the help of a war veterans, an organisation called Free Corps.
  12. Great Economic Depression (1929-1934) signified the collapse of US economy which began with the crash of the Wall Street Exchange in 1929. It had repercussion all over the world and led to sustained large scale unemployment.

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  1. Sharma 456

    Why did hitler hate Jews? Did Jews have negative role in reality or they are literally good ??

    1. Sirji

      Hitler considered of inferior human race. He considered them as the main reasons behind the problems in Germany as they were mostly rich. As a racist he had his own fancies in which Jews fell below Pure German Nordic race.

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