The French Revolution Extra Questions Very Short Answer Type Class 9

The French Revolution Class 9 extra questions for practice are given here. Answers are also given but on the next page so that students think of their own answers first. Give your feedback in the comment box.

Questions: Very Short Answer Type

French Society During the Late 18th Century

  1. Who was the king at the time of Revolution took place in France in 1789? [CBSE 2016]
  2. Which king ascended the throne in France in 1774? To which dynasty did he belong?
  3. When was the Bastille Prison stormed? Why was it attacked?
  4. Who formed the First and Second Estates of French Society?
  5. How did American War of Independence add more debt to France?
  6. Why did the French government increase the taxes?
  7. What is meant by ‘subsistence crises?
  8. In the 18th century France, which social group emerged as ‘middle class’?

The Outbreak of the Revolution

  1. Describe the meeting of Estates General called by Louis XVI attended by three Estates.
  2. When was National Assembly recognised and how?
  3. Which proposal of the Third Estate was rejected by Estates General?
  4. Who all got the right to vote for National Assembly? Who declared themselves as National Assembly?
  5. What do you know about Mirabeau?
  6. When was the draft of the National Assembly’s Constitution completed? Describe its main objective in brief.
  7. Which sections of French Society were forced to give up their power after the French Revolution?

France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic

  1. Against whom the Robespierre followed the policy of ‘reign of terror’ of severe control and punishment?
  2. How was Robespierre punished?
  3. What is Treason? When was Louis XVI beheaded, and why?
  4. Who were ‘Sans–Culottes’?
  5. To whom the new Constitution denied the vote?
  6. Which new Assembly was established by Jacobins?
  7. Which period in France was referred to the Reign of Terror?
  8. How did Napoleon Bonaparte become ruler?

Did women have a revolution

  1. What was the status of education among women during French Revolution?
  2. How did the women in France raise their voice for their interests?
  3. What is a famous political club formed by women in France?
  4. When did French women got the political right to vote in France?
  5. Who wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizen and when?

The Abolition of Slavery

  1. Between which three continents triangular was slave trade carried on?
  2. Name the French ports though which slave trade was done.
  3. What was the meaning of freedom for plantation owners?
  4. The National Assembly did not pass any law regarding exploitation of slave labour. Why?
  5. When was slavery finally abolished in France?

The Revolution and everyday life

  1. Who crowned himself as ruler of France?
  2. What did people believe in the beginning about Napoleon?
  3. How did the colonised people make the sovereign nation state?
  4. What was the most significant legacy of the French Revolution?
  5. Name the two Indian individuals who responded to the ideas coming from revolutionary France.

Answers are given on the next page

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