The French Revolution Extra Questions Short Answer Type Class 9

Class 9 History-The French Revolution-Short answer type extra questions are given with their answers given on the next page. These questions will help the class 9 students in preparing for their Board exams.

Questions: Short Answer Type

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French Society During the Late 18th Century

  1. Why was treasury empty when Louis XVI ascended the throne of France?
  2. Which group of French society benefitted from the revolution? Which groups were forced to relinquish power?
  3. Describe the French society in the 18th Century.
  4. Define the following terms:
    (i) Tithe (ii) Livre   (iii) Clergy   (iv) Taille

The Outbreak of the Revolution

  1. Name the categories which constituted the French society. [CBSE 2014]
  2. Who were entitled to vote in France as per Constitution of 1791, formed by the National Assembly? State any three rights given to the people by this constitution. [CBSE 2014]
  3. Mention the immediate cause of French Revolution. Which class of society in France was responsible for this?

France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic

  1. Who was Napolean Bonaparte? What reforms did he introduce in France? [CBSE 2016]
  2. Why was ‘Directory’ removed from France?
  3. What was the ‘Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen’ according to the French Constitution of 1791? [CBSE 2012]
  4. How was guillotine used?
  5. Write about the political clubs formed in France.

Did Women have a Revolution?

  1. What was the ‘Estates General’?
  2. How was the National Assembly recognised and how did it start exercising its powers?
  3. Describe the role of Mirabeau in the formation of the National Assembly?
  4. How did the women suffer in France during the Old Regime?
  5. Which laws were made to improve the status of women in the French society?
  6. How did peasants protest against the nobles of France?
  7. Which natural rights were provided by the French Constitution?

The Abolition of Slavery

  1. Describe the condition of slave trade in the 17th Century.

The Revolution and Everyday Life

  1. How would you explain the rise of Nepoleon?
  2. Which was the important law that came into effect soon after the storming of the Bastille in the summer of 1789? How did it change the lives of the common people? Explain. [CBSE 2012]
  3. Explain the significance of the French Revolution in the history of France. [CBSE 2012]

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