Summary: Coorg- Glimpses of India CBSE Class 9

Beauty of Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is the smallest district of Karnataka. It lies halfway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. It is a beautiful land situated amongst wavy hills. It is inhabited by a proud race of martial men, beautiful women and wild creatures. Its thirty per cent area is covered by evergreen forests and it is famous for its coffee and spices. Monsoon brings a lot of rain here. The best time to visit Coorg is between September and March as the weather is perfect with an amazing smell of coffee. Many coffee estates and colonial bungalows are scattered around the prime areas.

Decent of Coorgis

The people of Coorg are fiercely independent. They are believed to be possibly the descendants of Glimpses of India 183 either Greeks or the Arabs. According to one story, Alexander’s soldiers did not return and chose to move to Coorg. They married the local girls and settled there. Their martial traditions, marriages and religious rites are evidence of their Greek origin. On the other hand, the dress that Coorgis wore was a long black coat tied with an embroidered waist belt. This dress is called Kuppia and is similar to the dress worn by the Arabs called Kuffia.

Coorg People are Hospitable and Valorous

The people of Coorg are very hospitable and valorous. The Coorg Regiment of the Indian Army has the maximum decorations. General Cariappa, the first chief of the Indian Army was from Coorg. In Fact, Coorgis are the only people in India who are allowed to carry firearms without a license

Coorg a Tourist Place

Coorg offers a variety of adventures as the district is rich in flora and fauna. River Kaveri flows through Coorg. One can do many activities like river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, etc. Rock climbing and mountain hiking is also famous here. Birds, bees, Macaques, Malabar squirrels, etc, catch everyone’s attention. One can have a panoramic view from the top of Brahmagiri hills. Nisargadhama and the largest Buddhist Tibetan Settlement which is in Bylakuppe is also an amazing place to explore. Coorg can be reached by road and rail. By air, the nearest airports are Bangalore and Mangalore.

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